It's Official...

21 years of life in the books. Although I will never be able to put my true appreciation in words I want to give a quick shout out to my parents! I have had so many opportunities and great experiences thanks to them! It's hard to screw up too bad when I've been raised sooo well. So, I want to thank my wonderful, amazing, loving, encouraging mommy and daddy who I miss dearly but carry with me everywhere I go! And of course a shout out to everyone else who I have crossed paths with, as you have all contributed to the person I am and I continue to become!

I was super lucky and got a great Birthday present this year!...my sister and babe came to visit me in Philly for a few days!

Here they are...

Jess and I

Moca was having non of that


Me and my babe!

Yeah here are a few more pictures of Mocers cause she's just too cute!

Presents from Theresa and Gary!

The card with the bike is to provide me with a new kind of bike so I can try a form of cycling I have not yet done. We have a bit of a joke over my habit of trying to compete in multiple diciplines of cycling at a high level, while also doing other activities. Gary has told me a time of two that it should be a recovery day and "Kacey, that dosn't mean go for a 4 hour hike." - I of course am getting better at balancing things.
The two country CD's have a story as well. I'm pretty much the only one that listens to and country and it took me awhile to pry the truth out of Jessie on the car ride here, so she listened to more of it than I'm sure she perfered. Luckily I listen to a wide variety of music and I'm usually content, but that dosn't mean I get away free. Jessie is often telling me in her cute Aussie accent "Kacey, you sing everything like it's country!" We have quite a lot of fun with the issue and it is all in good humor!

We all went out to ihop for breakfast and has some good food...thanks J Mac!

And of course the training for the day was uninterupted my the fact that I was a year older. I got to thrash up some hills doing repeats and then finish off with just about 4 hours on the saddle! It felt good for sure!

Then the most important decision of the day as usual...what to do for dinner? Gary did some mad research and found a great sounding place called Engine 46, which was suposed to be one of the best steakhouses in Philly and located in a 100 year old fire station. Sounded great but didn't look so good...

so of course, Gary had a backup plan and we went to LongHorn, which was only appropiate with its country decor and music...haha!

1st drink of the night with the girls, they didn't card any of us and they served my sis...that will work!

Dinner was great and we headed back to the house & as usual the icecream truck was making its rounds...what the heck kind of icecream truck drives around on week nights at 9:30 and 10:00 at night, and how come i never got to eat icecream that late mom and dad...whats up with that?!?!

Then back out to Dave and Busters for a few more drinks and some games...

Gary practicing his boxing skills, just incase he needs to take care of someone for us girls!

good thing he won!

Jessie bringing out the guns

Jessica and Jessie lay it out there

The speed demon's go at it

Jessie and I keeping everyone entertained...man we really should just stick to bike racing...

I've got more good news and updates to inform you all with but I'm going to put this out there and worry about the rest later! My body is calling for some yoga of sorts and a good easy pedal!

Hope all is well with everyone and I send my Love!

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