Many times those last minute trips turn out to be the best ones! That was the case this Easter! My amazing friend Hannah needed to get to NYC for her brothers birthday and needed a ride...so I decided to go & it was a blast...

As it turn out Hannah needed to take some things to NY, including some awesome art work! So we packed the car full and headed for the road...

The bikes are actually both mine because I wanted to take my road bike and I was instructed to bring my track bike as well because Hannah's brother Dave was organizing a crit around his neighborhood in Brooklyn and it was fixed gear only!...Um...

Let the fun begin...

On the way there we see this dog just chillin on the truck at 70mph on the highway

Almost there

Welcome to the Red Hook District!

This is the district Dave's house is located in at...

Dave is not there when we arrive so we play a little with the tall bike that can be found locked to his fence!

This thing is pretty awesome!

Once Dave arrives we get in and find his house to be pretty amazing! I kinda have a thing for old places to begin with so I was just lovin the house and it's old style with some modern mix.

Best room in the house is of course the bike room!
All the tools you could need

and a great area to work in

there he is the birthday boy himself and yes that is his LOOK road bike...what a beauty!

After arriving Friday night we just hang out, make dinner, and then head to Hannah's Uncle's house in center city because she has plans to do a few things Saturday morning. While Hannah takes care of business I get a bit of school work done and update my blog!

Before we head back to Brooklyn we also get to drop in an art exhibit with her aunt and we see...

and my favorite...

I also spotted a few cool doors during the trip...

This was on the way to the fairway market...great food!

and this door is in Hannah's uncles office area

Then we head back to Brooklyn and start doing things to get ready for the party. I squeeze in a little shut eye time because I know it will be a long night and I don't want to fade too early!

During the afternoon Dave goes out with his tools and removes a cobble stone from the street!

then Hannah starts the painting of the cobble...it will soon have my name on it and be reinstalled in the street of Brooklyn

People come piling into the house and create a bike garden in the backyard

and check out these sweet fenders

Time for the racing finally begins and everyone gathers on the street corner

we are ready!

Hannah and her Daddy!

And the race is underway...

he thinks he's ready...

But this is how it ends...a girl wins!

Ready for the winners

Hannah snaps some good shots

Time to celebrate some birthdays

Renee is 18 and Dave is 25!

And the game of the night may have been the HullaHoop Jumping!!!

Ready set...





and someone who didn't make it

Hannah and some of her family at the party

At some point we climb up to the roof top to check out the view

After a long fun night we get up Sunday and get ready to go for a long road ride...Dave is really looking forward to this because there are some rolling hills and such and he is just chomping at the bit to cream me up everything he can sense I beat him on his home turf the night before!...and he does succeed but it still wasn't in a race...

Prior to leaving Renee and their little cousin La could be found in one of the closets trying to make some sense of our explosion of bags...

We head for the city...over the bridge

and more pictures from the great day of riding!

from subway station

Out to easter dinner I even wore heels...

Myself and Hannah!!!

One of Hannah's uncles did get a video of the finish so hopefully I can get ahold of that soon and get it posted! It was pretty awesome!!!