Last weekend it was off to the first races of the road season in Greenville SC!

Warm up zone

The LMC setup! That's a lot of nice bikes!

At the Sunday race we got to drift around in this beauty with an ex-formula 1 car

So everything was going great and I was feeling good. I would typically enter the men's category 1,2 race if I'm going to do a men's race but I decided to race the category 3 for the first weekend of the season.

Turns out a number of those cat 3 guys really needed some lessons on how to turn their bikes around a gradual corner.

The result of some bad bike handling skills was a mangled bike in addition to a rather furious Kacey...

The new cool way to ride your handlebars

ground right down to shiny silver

and you could ride a normal pedal like this one

but why do that when you could grid it down to the axle...

that has got to safe some weight

Oh...and I was especially upset about my awesome new saddle

My poor shoes

While I was at all the grinding and scraping I thought I would create some real art!

beautifully formed to the cassette

looks like I really did some good work

My room mate mechanic Robert working on bikes and taking mine apart...check out the apron with flowers, see mom I have been using it!!!

And my house is a clustered disaster...

So I'm trying to get my hands on a new frame and rebuild something quickly...

Fun day!

Fun weekend from awhile back...

Loaded and ready to go

Getting gear set

On way up to ziplines

Some of the group

Monte getting me ready

and making me laugh

Monte is the awesome guy who owns the company that runs the zipline!

Me and Carla just hanging out

Katie and Rebecca!

It made for a great day!