Good Morining

Hello to all! I am still here!

I don't have time to post lots of fun pictures, but I will try to get to that this weekend.

Update: going to school...enjoying all of my professors and most of the material being covered. Have been riding less than previously partly just to give my body a rest and also because the weather here got significantly colder (not as cold a MI though). The difference here is the decending...i could climb all day long and stay ok but goign down hill will give me a big chill...burrr. However, today and the weekend is suppose to be mid 30's or so and the plan is to try and get some long easy hours in as kind of a second phase of base. I have been told the end of the month may invlove some fun challenging workouts...so the more base i have the better. More focus on techniqe and form is critical! So enough about riding...o wait that is all i have to write about...haha.

I have also been working on a little sewing project to create these mitts which fit over mountain bike bars and keep your hands warm in the winter. I'm currently waiting on more supplies and then I should have another batch ready to send back to the currently freezing MI!

Ok, well i need to study and get off to class for the day so...i will try to bring you some pictures this weekend!