Yesterday and stuff

Well if you can figure out my previous blog i give you credit. The formatting of these things is not exactly reliable...i promise it didn't look like that in the preview...o well.

Here is a picture from the ride we did yesterday! Beautiful 50 degree warm day in the sun!....

and...now i'm sitting in the appartment looking out the window into a blizzard of snow that has been blowing in sense this morning. This place isn't so different from MI, it's wonderful when you get 20 degree temperature changes within a matter of a day! I'm not complaining, whenever i think it is cold i just look at the forcast for MI and it makes me feel fortunate.

Hopefully i'll have a few skiing pictures for ya soon. It looks like i may go out on the mountain tonight, so that could be fun, although i'm not sure i trust myself to take the camera sense it's been awhile sense i've carved the snow.

Ok, back to my moose mitt project and then some school work before the fun begins!!!


Where I get to ride!!!

Alright, here is a little eye candy for you folks back home in cold MI. Had an awsome 3.5hr. ride yesterday with Sheeds! We went to a town about an hour down the mountain to get warmer weather and it was a nice day. Today it was 50 here in Banner Elk! so a little gang of us went out for 3hrs. Tomorrow is suppose to get cold again and i figure i will take the day easy. Everything else is going well here. School is kicking off strong and i'm just trying to stay on top of a lot of reading...basically trying to figure out how i'm going to get work done ahead of time and skip the maximum amount of school possible! Anyhow enjoy the pictures and i will do my best to stay ontop of updating this thing...

i know...i know this isn't riding but she is just so cute!!!...my puppy moca, i miss her!

coming down hickory nut back into BE...usually a sign of "i'm almost home!"

so...i want to buy this bus...anyone want to fix it up for me??? This cute little thing is on the way up hickory nut, a commonly ridden recovery ride

shady side of hickory a day after snow fall

site off of the blueridge parkway, so beautiful, gets kinda windy sometimes, but i also hear it is pretty cool to ride mountain bikes on when it snows and they shut it down to cars!

me on the parkway

on the way out to the parkway with Sheeds and Doug (coaches)

a back road i found, very nice and quite

going up the sunny side of hickory nut toward school



I've got some more pictures for ya all!!! I recently got materials to create a "slackline". This is something I did 2 years ago when i visited a friend in CO and it was pretty popular there. The line is about an inch in width and you tension it between two anchors (usually trees) and then walk across it! Great balance exercise!

Steve joined me but he had to use a stick to balance

Here goes nothing...

i got it...i got it!


Down again...half the fun is learning how to fall well!...i've got plently of experience from my mtb ride the other day with Bradford!

In any case today I also worked on th new Mtb. trails we are building at the school and O man they are going to be AMAZING!!!...I will take pictures eventually so you all can see...you boys(you know who you are) are going to be jelous!!! Good weather forcasted again for tomorrow so i'm hoping for a good ride! Hope all is going well for everyone and thanks to those of you who have emails or gotten in touch, it is great to hear from everyone!!!


Back in the MI?...

I felt like I was back in MI today as a blizzard started this morning. It wasn't to bad other than the fact that i couldn't see. either my glasses were covered in snow and fogging or my eye lashes where full of snow and my eye balls hurt from being hit by snow flakes. But it felt good to be outside!

This is me after the first snow ride of the year!

and my bike, which managed to get a bit of build up on it...

and a view off the deck...

good thing i didn't really need to go anywhere today, i don't trust the drivers around here without snow, with snow they are even worse. Hope the weather back home is treating everyone well!

A New Year

alright, i'm finally going to start this thing. it's a new years resolution! if you only enjoy reading properly spelled and writen grammer than i suggest you don't read this blog much, its purpose is to inform and update!

So to summarize the past year: I was attending Oakland University in MI and racing bikes. Raced for the Wolverines Sports Club (I love you guys!) and last summer was my first time really getting out of town for a month and having the opportunity to do some NRC races, which was a blast! i got some good results and ended the season with collegiate and elite track nationals...or so i thought. I should probably mention i went to collegiate nationals with the Lees-McRae gang, which is the college i now attent in Banner Elk, NC! i ended up also doing cyclocross nationals for the college team and we did very well coming home with a national championship. So basically life has revolved around bike riding, with lots of other fun stuff on the side! I got an offer to ride with a team out of Philidelphia called Verducci/Breakaway next season and i'm pretty excited about that...still always a Wolverine at heart! Verducci should bring some great experiences and alow me to do a lot on the track and road! Over time I will try to fill in all the blanks with random entries...

It is beautiful here in the the mountains...although sometimes my legs long for a nice flat MI to go have an easy ride! Here is a picture of what i see out my from window at the appartment i just started renting with a few team mates...

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5018148699890158626" />

These are my new room mates: Scott Jackson aka "action Jackson" working on Sheeds bike in our kitchen or commonly used workshop! Jackson is an awsome mechanic and i'm really going to miss him when he leaves for training camp in New Mexico and then for belgium...buy hey he's chasin the dream! And the other piture is of Katie all bundled up on the futon, it will just be us girls after scott takes off. Katie also races bikes but she just isn't quite as obsessed as Scott and i are...

So for now that will have to do, i will try to post more soon...