I've got some more pictures for ya all!!! I recently got materials to create a "slackline". This is something I did 2 years ago when i visited a friend in CO and it was pretty popular there. The line is about an inch in width and you tension it between two anchors (usually trees) and then walk across it! Great balance exercise!

Steve joined me but he had to use a stick to balance

Here goes nothing...

i got it...i got it!


Down again...half the fun is learning how to fall well!...i've got plently of experience from my mtb ride the other day with Bradford!

In any case today I also worked on th new Mtb. trails we are building at the school and O man they are going to be AMAZING!!!...I will take pictures eventually so you all can see...you boys(you know who you are) are going to be jelous!!! Good weather forcasted again for tomorrow so i'm hoping for a good ride! Hope all is going well for everyone and thanks to those of you who have emails or gotten in touch, it is great to hear from everyone!!!

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