Where I get to ride!!!

Alright, here is a little eye candy for you folks back home in cold MI. Had an awsome 3.5hr. ride yesterday with Sheeds! We went to a town about an hour down the mountain to get warmer weather and it was a nice day. Today it was 50 here in Banner Elk! so a little gang of us went out for 3hrs. Tomorrow is suppose to get cold again and i figure i will take the day easy. Everything else is going well here. School is kicking off strong and i'm just trying to stay on top of a lot of reading...basically trying to figure out how i'm going to get work done ahead of time and skip the maximum amount of school possible! Anyhow enjoy the pictures and i will do my best to stay ontop of updating this thing...

i know...i know this isn't riding but she is just so cute!!!...my puppy moca, i miss her!

coming down hickory nut back into BE...usually a sign of "i'm almost home!"

so...i want to buy this bus...anyone want to fix it up for me??? This cute little thing is on the way up hickory nut, a commonly ridden recovery ride

shady side of hickory a day after snow fall

site off of the blueridge parkway, so beautiful, gets kinda windy sometimes, but i also hear it is pretty cool to ride mountain bikes on when it snows and they shut it down to cars!

me on the parkway

on the way out to the parkway with Sheeds and Doug (coaches)

a back road i found, very nice and quite

going up the sunny side of hickory nut toward school

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Sue Bliss said...

Hi Kacey,

Looks like you are having a blast chasing your dreams on a bike. Good for you! The blueridge parkway is awesome. What a beautiful part of the US of A!! Good luck with everything!!

Sue Bliss