Yesterday and stuff

Well if you can figure out my previous blog i give you credit. The formatting of these things is not exactly reliable...i promise it didn't look like that in the preview...o well.

Here is a picture from the ride we did yesterday! Beautiful 50 degree warm day in the sun!....

and...now i'm sitting in the appartment looking out the window into a blizzard of snow that has been blowing in sense this morning. This place isn't so different from MI, it's wonderful when you get 20 degree temperature changes within a matter of a day! I'm not complaining, whenever i think it is cold i just look at the forcast for MI and it makes me feel fortunate.

Hopefully i'll have a few skiing pictures for ya soon. It looks like i may go out on the mountain tonight, so that could be fun, although i'm not sure i trust myself to take the camera sense it's been awhile sense i've carved the snow.

Ok, back to my moose mitt project and then some school work before the fun begins!!!

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