In the company of CO

I still have many things to catch up on but I have to show you all a bit of my life at the moment. After leaving MI and visiting my sis in upstate NY I packed back into my darling car and drove the 15hrs. to Banner Elk, NC. I staying in B.E. for about a week and had a good time watching collegiate MTB nats and catching up with friends. I had a serious 2 day affair with my MTB, but don't tell my road and track bike...they don't know about it yet! Great times and learned even more lessons. Then it was back into the car...fingers crossed...I had a long drive ahead. 25hrs of driving later and I rolled up to Boulder, COLORADO!

I should mention that during my drive I leaned I would be going to Manchester, UK to do some racing on Nov. 15th! Which meant, hurry up and get settled, back on the bike, focused and ready to get on a flight and race well!...I'm feeling pretty good and looking forward to it. So back on the ball:

Coming into town:

I could relate to this dog!

I was actually finally there!

Headed up to Nederland:

Look up and across the water...that is where I live!

Driving up to the house...


back deck

so after rolling in yesterday I went spinning with Renee for an hour

and of course what would a bike ride be without seeing a moose!

and later Renee introduced me to Foxy!...we have a friendly Fox!!!!

Yes, that is foxy coming in the house...

this fox found a total sucker in Renee, who feeds it hamburger meat balls! So great!

After an amzing nights sleep I jumped in the Cross group ride out of Boulder this morn and WOW was it a great time! When I say cross group ride that means 40+ riders in cross gear roll up for some fun. The ride consists of everyone bundled up for the cold morning rolling off, we get to venue one(some park) and everyone just drops there bikes and starts stripping layers, water bottles, gear, etc. Piles of stuff are left in a location and we are off to do a recon lap (this will let us know what the loop is! Then line up....ready set go...and everyone takes off race start style onto the loop! We did a handful of loops and then everyone gathered at their piles of stuff again. Layers back on, pockets stuffed, jackets zipped and off to the next venue (another park) where we repeat the process! Then I joined a few of the guys for a loop they call Poor man's loop...it was pretty cool, up the mt a bit onto a sweet dirt road that gets kinda steep...at least for someone who just drove 25hrs...but I made it around and back into town for a bit more of a spin and overall a great first morning in Boulder!

Now I'm at a coffee shop writing this. I just booked my flight to Manchester and it is time to go do some domestic things...market for food, laundry, finish unpacking, things of the sort...yipee!



Ok. It is late and I totally have to go to bed but I had to post this because I'm sooo proud of my pumpkin carving!!!

In the begining

and my awesome work!

Jess's pumpkin

Emilie's pumpkin

Emillie and Jen

Hanging out

Jenn's pumpkin

Jess and Coach (Emilie's Dog)

My little sister!!!


Project Day2

I don't really have time to be doing this but I'm what I like to call a professional procrastinator and this is just all part of the job! In my frenzy to get ready to move to CO I really want to finish this fixie I have been talking about for so long, which means I decided to give it a quick slap it on paint job! I wipped this up last night and now I'm headed to get the clear coat and be ready to complete the job.


I think I'm crazy...

Things have been good, still trying to get organized at my parents house...I have so much stuff. But don't worry soon I will just be leaving much of it behind again. I have decided to move to Colorado...yep that's right I decided yesterday basically and oh yeah I leave Wednesday morning, which means I officially have less than 2 days to pack up life and tie up loose ends. So plan of action is leave Wednesday morning for NY to visit my sister Jess at her school for a long weekend. Then drive down to Banner Elk, NC to catch up with the crew there and watch some collegiate MTB nationals action. Then hit the road for Colorado! This all sounds like a great plan and I'm pretty much all set but there is one thing I think I might need help with or that I would ask people to do. Just cross your fingers and pray that my car makes it to Colorado with me!!!!...I think she can....I think she can!!!

Ok, I gotta run because I clearly have a lot to do and sitting here on the computer is not getting me packed!


Project Day1

I always have "projects" but I many times have little time to attend to them or more often just don't have all the stuff I need. So I was pretty excited to forget about all life's worries today and dive in!

Here is what I start with:

The Schwinn that needs to at least be wiped down, my old Trek track frame, and an assortment of Campy parts

sometimes we tease my dad for having so much stuff...wonder where I get it?...but it does come in awful handy sometimes! For example it didn't take long to find all the sandpaper products I could possibly need

and my station of operation

take fork out and sand it

prepare for painting


then repeat on frame

more to come once that is sufficiently dry!

Bringing it back

That's right folks...




To side...

Everybody look what's going by!!!

Finally, some pictures of my beautiful Lees...I named her that because it was my graduation gift from my parents and I graduated from Lees McRae College so that is the connection. You know your a total bike dork when you couldn't think of a greater gift!

So a few more shots

I should mention this is a 1955 Schwinn, not completely original but a lot of it is and it is in great shape!

Original classic saddle

Watch out all you high tech 10 speeders...I might just be able to beat you with my 3!

and once again I may be a completely obsessed bike dork, but does it get any hotter?

What a beauty!