Nationals Pictures...

Just some pictures to add visual to my longer than should be allowed report!

First it is necessary to show Jess turning back time!

Then the Keirin, as you can see being lead by a motor...John's face looks kinda funny!

Liz working hard

And happy to be done with some event!

Kelyn in team sprint


Scratch race podium

Team sprint podium...congrats to Liz and Cari!

in the points race

My coach Colby came away with numerous wins!!! Congrats Colby and thanks for all your help!

Colby and Dan racing the madison on their way to a Win!

Another sweet madison picture of the 2nd place team

Back at the hotel Liz and I could not thank Jess enough for all her work through the competition!

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Anonymous said...

love the scratch podium and how the other two girls are actually your height...you may even be the tallest :-)