Beach ride was a hit

saw a band

and some people dancing

also a happening volleyball tourny

Coffee shop..a must

Grils getting ready for me


Then off to Vegas for a few days

We stayed in a castle

Jess had to laugh at the view out the window!

our sweet shoes!

And this one is for Andrew!

And back from Vegas we had some fun at the track!

Liz getting her breakfast fuel before we head to the track...the bowls weren't big enough for her either so check out the pan

Gary and Phil hanging out at track

the Lizard

Jess playing in the net

Theresa and Jess hanging out

and even Theresa attempt to put up a gansta pose...lol

and surprise surprise I am laughing

and then hystarically...

Today went to track to do time standard

Liz chilling after training

Theresa acting like...well...I'm not sure what...use your imagination!

me getting ready for time standard

no one made the time standard, but no worries, I was just mainly using it as a starting point for the test.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're have a good time! Miss you and hope to see you soon :-)

Sean YD said...

Congrats on your runner-up finish at track nationals. It had to be a lot warmer than racing at cyclocross nationals...