I think I'm crazy...

Things have been good, still trying to get organized at my parents house...I have so much stuff. But don't worry soon I will just be leaving much of it behind again. I have decided to move to Colorado...yep that's right I decided yesterday basically and oh yeah I leave Wednesday morning, which means I officially have less than 2 days to pack up life and tie up loose ends. So plan of action is leave Wednesday morning for NY to visit my sister Jess at her school for a long weekend. Then drive down to Banner Elk, NC to catch up with the crew there and watch some collegiate MTB nationals action. Then hit the road for Colorado! This all sounds like a great plan and I'm pretty much all set but there is one thing I think I might need help with or that I would ask people to do. Just cross your fingers and pray that my car makes it to Colorado with me!!!!...I think she can....I think she can!!!

Ok, I gotta run because I clearly have a lot to do and sitting here on the computer is not getting me packed!

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Anonymous said...

pack fast...if you come on wednesday you can experience newell b/c is you come on thurs it is open but i'll have to order it before you get there so it will not be nice and warm...although it is still quite delish :-)