Somehow in the last post I left out our transportation, which is only worth mentioning because she goes by "golden goose!"

This morning we had another photo worthy situation. Yesterday Gazza and T-bird made a run to the pharmacy or "chemist" if you prefer ausi lingo. In any case Jess asked them to get a "big bowl" for cereal and such. The bowls at our hotel are a bit on the small side. I believe Jess's exact words were something along the lines of the bowls we have aren't cutting it because her muscles demand more! Well Gazza being Gazza meant business when he went bowl hunting so this morning Jess had plenty of room for all the cereal she wanted!...hahaha

I think she had plenty of muscle power after that breakfast!

We eventually made our way to the track for training...this track is so amazing...I wish I had one in my back yard!

And after eating a bit of recovery we stopped by the beach after finding the bike shop closed.

Gary and Theresa...a.k.a...Gazza and T-bird

Jess enjoying the beach

Me with Gary and T

And a few views....

Tomorrow we are slated to do a beach ride and coffee shop stop! Should be quite the day!

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