In Cali..

Before I took off for California I got to go do a little visiting with my good friend Nick and some other friends. Nick is soon to be headed of to Antarctica for some work their and some good adventure! Have fun Nick! I love you!

This is Nick, myself and Alex...both boys I went to school with back in the day at UHS...where we built never-ending friendships!

And this will be one of Nick's little projects when he returns home! And hopefully I will make it home this summer for a ride!

Then it was pack up and on to the next adventure for me. Gary, Theresa, Jessie and I are currently in California where we will be living for the next few weeks before Track Nationals. My team mate Liz and our sponsor Phil will be joining us soon as well! We are here in California for another few days, then we travel to Las Vegas for Interbike and the Vegas crit, then back to Cali until Nationals the first week of October and then I return to my parents before figuring out where to next...

It is always an adventure to go to the grocery market when you are living someplace temporarily...you would be amazed the number of things you take for granted at home. Simple things such as olive oil, butter and spices.

Don't worry we got the essentials...

Jess unloading into our tiny kitchen!

Randomness in the fridge

Oh...and I found these HUGE mangoes at the market! It was only appropriate that we do something ridiculous with them...which resulted in...

Lots of laughter!

and of course mango cleavage...haha

And for the rooom

I'll try to start taking more pictures and get some interesting updates on here!

Hope all is well with everyone and be in touch....

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