Few tidbits...

So in my frenzies lately I have neglected to update much and I've missed a few things worth mentioning I suppose...so here are a few steps backwards...

Awhile back we swung by the Chris Theter race in NY on our way to MI from PA. We raced alright and although a break of 2 got away I got in the chase group and won the sprint for 3rd, while Theresa won the field sprint for 8th.

After the race we packed ourselves back into the cars with the rest of our lives and headed for Niagra Falls...for a tourist stop before MI. Gary and Jessie had never seen the falls. We told Jess she could rent a barrel and go over the falls...haha!...she caught on eventually...

Great day for a view

It was nice to get back home and I did a few local races upon my return! So great to see everyone!

One day I took my dad to the bike shop and we got him a bike! It was pretty fun. He test road the MTB and I picked out a cool cruiser and that is when I decided I HAD to have one! Ironically on our way home I spotted an old school cruiser on the side of the road at a market...for sale! I stopped and my dad and I checked it out. It was super cool but I couldn't quite justify it at the time. My plan was to go back the next day and bargain to see if I could pull it off. As it turned out when I went to get on my road bike for my spin the following day I found the cruiser bike in my garage!!! Graduation present...how right on is that!!??!!...my parents rock!

So here are a few pictures...not great pictures and I need to clean it up a bit more but it works and it rocks. I took Moca out a few times and raced her down the private drive...what fun!

I'm a lucky lady!~

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