Pre spring break weekend...

Well, those of you know know how good I am at being persistent and throwing in some nagging won't be surprised to learn that the weekend following my little accident in the Men's Cat3 race I had a new rig up and running. I ended up having to get a crash replacement frame from Scott, which I wasn't too thrilled about but there weren't many other options. A big thanks goes out to the guys at Breakaway Bikes in Philly, PA for all their help & also to Josh Tucker with for working with Scott to get my bike here quickly and then setting time aside to build it for me!!! THANKS a million!

So here she is...my new beauty! I know the dirt car is hardly worthy of that bike resting upon it but the good old Focus does it's job well also!

So, the first weekend of spring break was spent at the UGA collegiate races in Athens, GA...

Ally and I took a detour to Tucker's shop to get my new bike ready and we spotted this plate on the way out of town...Ally had to get a picture because it is the first New Hampshire plate she has seen

Setup at road race

Back at the hotel I realize I have forgoten the ever so important tooth brush. So I go get one from the front desk and they give me a little brush in this packaging

this was the fist time I had ever used a pre-pasted toothbrush...interesting huh

Hotel breakfast...we have a tendency to take over an area

We rock up to the Criterium Sunday ready to go. There just so happened to be a cop driving through the parking lot and he had an iced coffee...on top of his car! Because I understand the importance of any form of coffee I chased after him on foot and knocked on his window to inform him of the grave danger his coffee was clearly about to encounter. I also told him that sense I had saved his coffee he had to agree not to arrest any of my team mates. Yet, somehow...

Went ended up in the caged section of the car

and Dane got cuffed

wipe those smiles off your faces

This is a team trailer, nice and organized

And our team trailer...nice and...well...we know where everything is!!!

So the racing is over and everyone is getting ready to go their way for spring break

Dane appears to be a bit too excited or more likely just strange

Dane even managed to squeeze himself into Kevin's car...I guess he didn't want to see him go

Jessie striking a pose on the mini bike, the boys bring this bike to all the races and sometimes they even manage to wreck and hurt themselves on it...or rip their pants in half...yeah that did happen

Ally decided to join Jessie and get stuck between the bars!

But she was soon on her feet again and towering over me!

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