Spring Break & beyond...

I decided to just hang around GA for spring break, stay in the warm weather, get in some riding and check the area out. One of my team mates, Carla Swart, lives in GA so we kicked it for a few days and had a good time.

After leaving the team I quickly found a Jittery Joe's Coffee Shop and made a stop...they had these paintings on the walls of the bathroom and I thought it was worth a picture...

After a day of checking out Athens I headed to Buford, where Carla lives with her awesome family! A big THANKS for their hospitality!!!

Side Note: These pictures are for Mom! These chairs were super comfy! Everyone you will just have to understand my Mom and I have at thing about calling each other when we find cool things and she just needed to see these chairs...

Once we had recovered from the weekend we headed out to a place called Stone Mountain for a ride around this enormous rock (called stone mountain). When talking with my relatives later I discovered that I had been there before for a laser show when my family was in town for the Olympics.

Carla and I riding around

Just a random huge rock in the middle of GA

With some carvings

Ready to hike up Stone Mountain following our ride

Part of hike up

View from Stone Mountain

Luckily I had picked up some cheap Mango's the day before and brought them for a treat at the top after our ride! They were the best Mango's I've had in a long time and Carla and I enjoyed them very much, while making a mess of our faces and hands!

Delicious mango...


Us girls on the rock

Photo shoot...

The following day it was off to the Silver Comet! 4hrs. of blissful FLAT riding!


and myself

Super cool tunnel...and yes I made noises in it!

Beautiful trail on a beautiful day

I'm flying!!!

Carla's attempt

It was a great ride!

That evening I drove over to my relatives in Snellville and spent some much needed time with my Uncle Joe and Aunt Tina!

Aunt Tina's work room

Uncle Joe's precious car!...he is a super stud drag racer!

The last evening in GA was celebrated with a cookout at the Swart household and some absolutely amazing food!

Carla's dad Deon at work

Somehow I didn't get any pictures of Carla's mom but she was amazing and awesome as well!!!


around the fire

Myself and Carla

Through the smoke...

Deon taught Dane a lesson...

and their still friends...

Next stop was the weekend of races at the end of spring break. Beautiful road race course Saturday and back to an older course Sunday.

Doesn't this make you want to ride?

Men's 1/2 race start

4 man break with Sheedy in it

and the peloton

Cat 3 start

And that's all for now folks...

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