The best things in life...

are the people you spend it with!

I have fortunatly been blessed to be surrounded by wonderful, amazing, positive people who have brought much bright light into my life!

I would like to exclusively dedicate this post to one of those very important people in my life and say congratulations to her on her new job becuase unfortunatly I'm not in town to celebrate with her! One of my bestest freinds in the whole world is Miss Lauren Hudson!

Funny thing is that growing up I always thought I would be doing something more along the lines of the path she has taken, getting an education and then moving on to find a job leading to some career of my dreams. But rather I have found another athletic passion and jumped on the shooting start to an unknown land...and I love it! Even my mom was speaking with an old teacher of mine the other day and first thing he said was something like "suppose kacey is off being a corporate lawyer or something?"...my mom laughed and told him what I was doing! So now we joke about how Laur is going to get married and have kids and I'll be that crazy friend who shows up to play with the kids, ride her bike and crash on the couch for a visit!

So the story goes...
We were little kids and both happen to be blessed with the opportunity to attend Upland Hills Farm School, where we ran around, played in the woods, rolled in the mud, and learned to follow our hearts and souls, not to mention building unbreakable bonds and freindships! The kind of friendships that never disolve, even when great lengths of time are spent apart. The kind of freindships that always pick up like they've never been apart. The best kind!

We used to make our parents cart us around to each others houses until we were old enough to do so ourselves. So many great memories: cleaning the boat with the boombox, cleaning the house before trips, relaxing on the lake, houseboat trips, skiing, oreos with milk, spring break in FL, white water rafting, backpacking...threw the night!...the list goes on!

Anyhow the little girl I grew up with is now a grown women and a very successful one at that...as I could have predicted years ago! She graduated from college this past year and of course had been involved in all sorts of great oppotunities, giving her a very respectable resume to work with! Her resume looks a bit different than mine of course, filled with work experience and schooling rather than bike races and results! So from what I have been able to gather the new job deals with Consumer-business connections and involves things such as brand management, account planning, and marketing strategies! Lauren is going to be amazing at whatever she chooses to do but the important thing is that she loves what she is doing and is having a blast putting all her knowledge to use!


Here are a few flashbacks and pictures that bring a smile to my face!

Beyond Lauren, her family has always been amazing and truly become like a second family to me, grandparents and all! This is an old photo but still one of my favories as it brings so many great memories...I think it was the first year I went on a houseboat trip with them!

Laur and I in the tree

Double skiing...such fun!

At Grandma and Grandpa Hudson's place in FL!

John Mayer Concert

Road tripping

Rain welcomed us to the start of our backpacking

One of my favorites of Laur and Nick...reminds me of the greatest of friends and great times! We did a lot of suffering together that trip.

Gang at dinner stop before heading into the night

Resting our legs!

At a waterfall

Laur's grad party

my grad party

Congrats again to Lauren!

and when work and everyday chores seem to be taking up all your time remember that the best things in life are the people you spend it with and make time for the ones you love! Even when you can't be someplace physically you can always call, email, write a letter, send a card...just let them know you're there!

Hope life is treating everyone well...keep lovin it!!!

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Lauren said...

OOOOOHHHH Kacey, thank you so much for the memories. I loved reading all of those. It is funny how some memories provide more than a feeling- they provide a smell, a sensation, and can even take you back to the way it felt inside your own head years earlier.

I doubt you will have a place on my couch (it will probably be covered in kids toys), I was thinking more along the lines of a guest room, with a special spot by the bed for your bike ; )

I love you SO MUCH! I am so proud of you for taking the less-traveled, more adventurous path to acheiving your goals and enriching yourself personally (psychologically, and physically).