Breaking News!!!

Yahoo...I finally have my camera back from repair and I'm starting to put it to use, which of course should equal better blog quality!

In addition, we have just gotten internet at the house we live in...finally! I'm actually quite discusted at how much I was lost without it and at the realization of how much I actually use it. Then again it is my main sourse of contact to everyone outside of my team and my bike. Staying in touch with people and having the ability to read up on all sorts of things brings purpose to a lot of time otherwise spent sitting around.

Ok, so on to the good stuff!

Last weekends adventures:
Friday we went to the track for morning session at 10am. I raced in the match sprints and the points race. My 200M TT time was a touch faster than it had been on tuesday and it was windy friday so that was good...but it still needs a lot of work if I decide I really want to sprint. I also still have a lot of tactical learing to be done in the match sprints...I don't ride them very smart at this point...and if you're slower, you have to be smarter. The points race started out ok for me but i started to die out as it went on, which was disapointing, but hopefully I'll get some fo the endurance going soon. My team mate Jessie got away in a little break at one point and ended up coming out 4th so that was a good result for the morning.

Back to the track friday night for evening session at 7:30pm. It was time to race a 1mile scratch, 5mile scratch and the 5th-8th round of sprints. I was doing good to start the 1 mile but when the real spirnters took off I got toasted. Both Jessie and Theresa finished pretty well though and in the money! The 5-8 sprint would have been great if I haden't gotten myself in bad position. In the end I had more go power but nowhere to use it because I was trapped behind others. The 5 mile treated me a bit better and I got 3rd, with Theresa just in front of me! We crashed(slept) near T-town Friday night and then Saturday monring it was off to Rochester New York for the Twilight Crit!

After 5 hours in the car it was all worth it! The Rochester NY couse is a really fun one and it treated us well! The turnout of women wasn't as good as some of the other races we have gone to this year but we had a pack of about 25-30 women so it wasn't bad. Jessie threw down a "Mac Attack" (her last name is MacLean...) with about 1K to go and drilled around the final corners to hold the pack off for a first place finish! Theresa was at the front of the pack sprint and took 3rd! I made a few tactical mistakes and ended up out in the wind longer than I should have been and came in 6th. It would have been great for all 3 of us to have been in the top 5, but no worries, Jessie won so that makes it a success! The look on that girls face was worth 1 million dollars...you would have thought she won the lottery...IT WAS SO GREAT!

Jess in her glory, with Theresa on the right

I think they should have raced on these cruisers!

After the race and refueling

After the men's race finished and we had awards we loaded back into the racemobile...

and headed for a hotel.

After finally getting to bed at 2am we started the engine again at 8am Sunday morning and headed for New York, NY. After another 5 hour drive we arrived in the city for a few hours of wondering around, checking out shops, etc. It would have been nice to have had more time, been more rested and seen more things while there, but per usual my conclusion was that big cities are so over rated. Don't get me wrong, there are nice aspects but I guess I'm just not a city girl, I'd much rather have rolling hills, trees, mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, wildflowers, sun, stars...o the sweet outdoors. Non the less it was a cool and exahusting afternoon.

I can say I've been to Timesquare...

This one goes out to Brian and Ally! Check out the sign...yeah that's right, it says Organic Burritos!!! I MISS YOU GUYS!!!

pheww...then 1.5hours home from NY. I'd never been so happy to see the Philly skyline of buildings!

This week has been full of good training and trying to wake up some dead muscles! Yesterday we drove out to a country area and did some grand hill training...stuff like 1mile tempo repeats and short steep 100% efforts...hurts so good! When I didn't feel like I was going to crap, puck and collapse all at the same time, I was able to snap a few shots of the beautiful riding I got to be a part of!

Before starting

Some of the crew

The rest of the crew

ooo...that beautiful green color!

Well that's it for today...I love and miss you all! Drop me a line, I love to hear what is happening with everyone else!

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