Another day...

It's scary how much I've been updating this thing lately but I've been enjoying it now that I have my camera back and we actaully have internet at our house! Plus, I like the idea of having the stories to look back on and while I'm at it why not share them with you!

So this morning I woke up to this very blog worthy hair style and well the picture speaks for itself...

This morning it was up and out to the field with the crew to do plyo's...ouch...at least this time Gary did feel like challenging me in a wall sit competition! Next session I will try to remember the camera and capture some painful faces for your enjoyment!

Per usual plyo's was followed by a protein shake and a few hours rest. We watched the movie Stomp The Yard and it renewed my desire to take some crazy fun dancing class someday in my spare time! I'm a sucker for dancing for some reason...it can't possibly be becuase I'm good at it but maybe that's why I like it...no expectations, just fun!

Afternoon was just an easy spin out on the bike to try and shake off the plyo work out and get ready for tomorrow's motor pacing at the track! I got a few pictures as I road around and played tourist a bit. One of my new goals is to try and really see more of the areas I travel to. I have spent far to much time traveling places for competitions and not making a point of exploring enough. I don't mean I want to do more tourist activities, but I want to try and really see the places I go, talk with the locals, find out about "hidden treasures" so to say.

This huge ship sits on the shore not too far from where I'm staying...not sure of it's significance, but wouldn't it be cool to go exploring inside?...umm...

Here is a functioning cruise ship that offers lunch/dinner/moonlight on the water

The NJ shore just across the way from my ride

And my favorite kind of boat...a sailboat! Daddy it reminds me of you and makes me want to be out sailing with you yelling at me to "watch the BOOM"...I only got hit once incase anyone is wondering.

Now I'm waiting on Jess and Moca to roll into town and have some good times. Jess and I would like to go into the city tonight with the crew but depending on the weather, which is pending rain at the moment, we may have a change in plans.


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Brent Bookwalter said...

sweet hair! I think i am part of that same club these days. what about the "W"?!?! details and pics yo!