"Fallacy Flat?"...no a real one!!!

I've never been so happy to realize that I really did have a flat rear tire. This morning I headed out with Theresa to Manayunk, which is the location of the famous "wall" climb in the Philly Liberty Classic race...yes, the same one that took me out of the Philly race. And the plan was to do repeats on the sucker...o bring on the pain! Got the first one under my belt and tried to relax in preperation for the next. Climb #2: going well, up the first steep section, turn slightly left, up the next steep section, cross a side street and almost get hit becuase i'm too delirious to realize what is going on, dang what is wrong with my legs? Usually I just feel like a have a flat and I'm fooling myself but I finally brought myself to look down and sure enough my rear tire is slowly gaining more surface area with the road. So you know the routine, change the tube and decend to finish my repeats, so it was a good morning. Got a few pictures on the way home...

the rowing houses along the river

Philly is getting ready for 4th of July concert and festivities

After a few house of rest, refueling, & chilling out we headed to a tuesday night crit and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting my legs back and in conditions for some speed. I still have work to do for sure but today was at least incouraging!

On a super positive and excited note my Lil Sister Jessica and my babe girl Moca are coming tomorrow to visit for a week and I couldn't be more excited to see both of them and get to spend some time together! I don't know how Jess does it but somehow she has learned to put up with me and love me for it at the same time, coming to see me while I'm off going crazy things, cart along to bike events, and always be so understanding of training, rest, etc. I'm also stoked to play with Moca and wrestle around in the park!...o I'm excited just thinking about it! Plus they will be here for my birthday! I couldn't have asked for a better present!

Wow, I've been doing and incredible job of updating lately...lets see if I can keep it up!

My love, hugs, and smiles to all!

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