How to leave a comment!

Is anybody reading this thing in internet land?

Ok, I know some people actually check this thing but a number of you have said you don't know how to leave a comment so...

To those of you who haven't quite figured it out yet here are some pretty detailed instructions on how to leave a comment on a blog post.

1. Read blog and at the end of each post it says posted by "writers name" and it gives a time, which is followed by a line that reads "# comments".
2. Click on the word "comments"
3. You can then view any comments others have left and there is a box for you to write your comments in!
4. Usually there is a little word verification box for security purposes so just type in what you see above that.
5. Then under Choose an identity there are a few options: if you have a blog account you can use your account name, but for most of you what you want to do is just select the anonymous option and you can put your name in the comment if you like.
6. Hit the button that says "publish your comment" and waalaa it is all done!

Hope that helps and hope to hear from you soon!

I'm sending smiles and hugs to everyone!!!


Larry M. said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Great pics of Phily. Hope to see your Mom and Dad tomorrow at Jessie (Brown) and Scotts Michigan reception. Dorothy and I bought a couple of used mountain bikes (you are an inspiration even for "old folk"). She has a Gary Fisher and I have a GT Rebound. Not riding as much as we would like yet, but trying to as time allows.
Keep the rubber side down and enjoy your summer.
Larry M.

kace said...

Alright Larry and Dorothy! Hope you have happy riding! Miss you guys!

Timothy Finkelstein said...

May I sugggest a free hit counter so you know people are reading? Check out my blog...there is a link on the side to download a free hit counter. Hope all is well! See ya at Superweek soon.

msfzx said...

More people read blogs than you know.

rachel said...

hey kacey,
i check out your blog fairly regularly now that you're out of the MI scene! Hopefully I'll fun into you again either on the road or the dirt come fall!

Maia said...

im too scared to say anything b/c you might attack me on a mountain...

Anonymous said...

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