7 springs 07

This is going to be quick, but I suppose I should give a quick rundown on the Seven Springs Nationals Road Race. The course profile is pretty extream and strongly favors climbers, which is something I don't exactly excel at. So to make a long story short I made it up the first couple climbs before starting to fade off the back, gain back on to the back on a flat section (which there was very little of), only to be dropped again at the next big climb. Wound up riding much of the race by myself, but I finished and it is over! Theresa imporved greatly from last year and although she was still not in the lead group, it was a great race considering she is a sprinter. Jessie was not allowed to race becuase she is an Aussie and she was just so disapointed she didn't get to race that course with a bunch of mountain goat tinny little climber girls (sarcasm there)!

If nothing else we had some fun during the car ride...

Jess playing with the camera

Girls in back

Gary and Theres in the front...poor Gary with all us girls!

And a gallery of photos with Kenny the Koala!!!

Hopefully 7 springs will serve as good training for the Altoona stage race coming up next week! Not sure how good I'll be about updating depending on hotel situation and my ability to function, considering we have a few days that we'll be going up hill for the majority of races covering distances of 150K.

I'm all blogged out and really need to get away from this computer so...


msfzx said...

You should come out to Superweek and do some nice flat crits!

kacey manderfield said...

I would love to but i'm headed to Altoona to experience that this year! Maybe next year! Good Luck!