Pray for the weather...

Good morning to all! Life is going well, i really need to get on top of my school work, but that time will come. Riding is good at the moment. Our home collegiate race is this weekend so it has been super nice to be at home and have the luxury of using my own shower, bed, kitchen, etc. Yesterday we did a team time trial and a crit. Our womens team won the TT but that wasn't suprising considering there was only one other team entered and they only had 2 girls to our 4. The crit also went well...i got off the front just a few laps in and at first was going for a lap on the field but my legs were tired and i started to think i better save a little becuse we have a big road race today with LOTS of climbing. I eased off to wait for a team mate who was bridging the gap and then we road together for the remainder of the race staying off the front and taking 1 & 2 for the team! Ally won the field sprint, which was a great way to come back into racing after her hard crash 2 weekends back! The remainder of the team also did well and did a great job supporting us as usuall! The mens teams also turned out some great results and all in all it was a good day! O and the weather held out to be dry all day! So for today...we will see if we are so lucky. The pavement is pretty wet as i write this but it is suprisingly a bit muggy out and the temps don't feel too cold. There is a cold front on the way but we are hoping it will hold off till after the races which start at 9AM this morining. Wish us luck and i'll retrun later to give you the latest and greatest.

Sorry about no pictures. My camera is actually broken right now...somehow i cracked the screen so i'm pretty bummed about it. But, thanks to my Uncle Ron who helped me purchase it i have some sort of warrenty on it so hopefully i'm going to find out monday that it will be covered and i can get it fixed or something of the sort...cross your fingers for me!

O, and the other eventfullness of my life includes my key deciding yesterday that it didn't want to go into my ignition??? So we unbolted the stearing area and banged on some stuff with my umbrella until Tucker (Ally's Country Man!) finally got the key to go in. It will be interesting to see if it works today?...this could make for some fustrating times, but maybe some good entertainment also!

Smile!...it might make someones day!!!

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