3/24/07 race

My appologies for not keeping up to date, but i'm back with more gab for ya if you're interested!

A few weekends back we traveled to a fairly local race rather than making the trip to Florida State where there was a collegiate race going on. The womens road race was something like 35 miles and started early in the morning (8AM), which was great becuse at 7am it was already almost 70 degrees. The womens race went well - a pack of probably 25 or so rather unexperienced riders for the most part, but people were pretty safe. I barly won the sprint and was feeling the heat by the time we got done. I took a few hours to try and refuel, hydrate a ton and rest in the shade before jumping in the mens category 3 race around noon. I could tell the heat was really gettting to me beacause I was having a hard time balancing on the rollers when i went to do a little warm up! It was a great work out and interval session but i only road 4.5 of the 6 laps they did before my body gave into the 85 degree temperatures and my quads where hardening to rocks when i tried to stand up on the pedals. Overall a good weekend for me and the team...all the other girls did very well and the men also shook things up! Plus we just raced Saturday and got to head home for a little break before hitting the books again...that was kinda nice!

this is the inside of our new HUGE bus...

Here we have Robert driving while Sheedy and Kevin direct him threw a bank drive through in a parking lot...that was interesting!

the bus is big enough itself, but we decided it would only be appropriate to complicate things a bit more and add a huge trailer with all our toys!

this is Robert and Kristy (great people!) at the amazing dinner we had at Coyote Kitchen on our way home!...Um!

great times with more to come!

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