Aubrun Race +

I will soon get to the racing, but to start I have a few other little things in life to mention...

School is still going on and i'm still hanging on, doing well and ready for the semester to be over. Trying to figure out how i'm going to fanagle my way into being able to graduate next spring and aranging my classes for first semster next year...

more importantly (i'm kidding) i've started to develope the tanline again, it will only get worse from here on out

i recently also chopped off my hair and it's working out pretty nicely

Ok, i'll more one because i can't remember anything else sense i'm late getting all this to you...

Last weekend we had collegiate racing at Auburn University in Alabama. The run down is below!

We were only a few hours down the road and at our first rest stop when this is what could be found...yep, our engine area was steaming and there was question as to how long our bran new huge bus was going to do for the long haul

We were conveniently located right next to a great climging tree and had a lot of fun with that...

aparently Preston needed more of a challenge and decided to try and climb the pole...ummm

This was a cool tree i took a picture of while laying on a bench enjoying the beautiful weather!

Well, the good news is we got back on the bus and continued to a location where a mechanic could come check the issue. Unfortunatly I don't have any pictures but while we where at that stop we actually had a little baseball game. The guys found a peice of a branch to use as a bat to hit a tennis ball. Bases were all make up of garbage (mostly carryout containers) that were found laying around. We had quite a bit of fun and most of us had scrapes on our arm from swinging the bat!

The road race was a rolling 52 mile race and went pretty well. but in the end i didn't gear well and ran out of power to take 2nd place. The rest of the girls did really well but we had some issue in the end only having half the road and many people got stuck behind too many people to use the power they had in the end. We learned a lot though and it will help us later on!

As it turned out Auburn is only about and hour away from where the Alabama Cycling Camp is located so i called Renee and she and Aldo where able to come visit a little bit...it was so great to see her!

Renee and myself before the race

The start of the womens race

The crit went pretty well but there was rain on and off and they had just repainted the lines and crosswalks on the roads. If your a cyclist you know that that means, and for all you others it basically mean watch out and be ready to fishtail your bike! The new paint gets wet from rain and becomes like an ice rink to our little bike tires. The mens race had 5 crashes after it started to rain so we had a heads up to the most slick areas. We only had one guy go down of the men and he was sore this week but nothing too bad. The womens race was safe for the most part. My rear wheel slid out a few times and I fishtailed pretty hard core with one lap to go, giving me a little rush! Everything else was fine until the final corner of the last lap...i was in the front with a few others and ended up getting 2nd again with an uphill finish...i obviously need to work on those! In any case i could have cared less about where i or anyone else finished and i rushed back to the corner where i had heard carniage behind me as i had been starting to sprint. My team mate Ally had hit the deck...and hard, right on her face. She basically took the blow with her check bone and had a good gash above her eyebrow. Being Ally she of course wanted to just get up and keep moving. We convinced her to stay on the ground and wait for medical help. As it all turned out she went to ER and they stiched her up, made sure nothing was broken, gave her some pain killers and then we picked her up to hit the road. She is a super tough girl and her spirits, even with a severe concusion and huge black eye were more than most people can muster up on a normal day! O and i almost forgot to mention she, along with Carla and myself had also laped the field in the race.

cooling down

Ok, I think that puts me up to date...

Ally has been recoving very quickly this week and all is going well. Just got done with classes yesterday and now i'm on easter break for 5 days! Probably heading to VA this saturday for a race and then just hanging out here in BE.

Enough for now...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very sexy haircut. Almost didn't recognize you. You look so mature and professional!

kace said...

haha...thanks kelly, great to catch up with you bit the other day!

Anonymous said...

wow I knew you had gotten it cut...I love it! Oh and love the tan lines. Sorry I wasn't a little more awake when you called today but it was good to hear from you!
Love you and can't wait to see you