Comedy and Humiliation

Saturday night comedy...at the expense of Wentworth!

Background: Wentworth (aka Went) is one of my team mates, actually one the the first members of the team i meet last year at track nationals when i was riding for OU. In any case he is a bit of a character, just ask anyone! A very nice boy, he has always been super helpful and very enthusiastic but he just gets a bit carried away at times...as we all do, but Went always finds a special way to express himself.

Hotel situation: we were staying at a Comfort Inn i think and they had a pool and hot tub, which were both seperatly fenced in. They were a ways away from each other. The pool was pretty chilly which was perfect to let out legs soak in after a long day of racing in the hot weather.

So, when we got back on Saturday many of us put our legs in the pool and dove in once or twice just to be refreshed. Most of us hadn't brought bathing suits so many of the guys were wearing their boxers...we are a pretty open group. Anyhow we were all out of the pool and some of the guys decided to spend some time in the hot tub. I never do a hot tub while racing because it seems to drain my energy more than anything else...although sometimes alternating hot and cold can have a good effect. In any case Went decided to take off his boxers and wave them around to freak the other guys out. Given Went's nature it didn't scare anyone but they grabbed the boxers, all jumped out, took his shoes and towel, threw his boxers in the pool and went to their rooms to get ready for dinner...yes, they left Went alone and naked in the hot tub. So a few minutes later while many of us were in the lobby waiting the lady from the front dest (my new friend Tiffany) came over and informed us we should check to see if we were missing any underwear because there were some floating in the pool. She was kinda laughing and not really sure how to address the issue.

At this point I had a brilliant idea and asked Tiffany if she could keep a straight face and be serious. I told her when Went came over for dinner in the lobby we would point him out to her and she was going to come escort him away and make up some story about the cops coming, etc, basically the point was to make him think he was in HUGE trouble and give him the urge to cry "mommy!!!". I could go into even further detail and i wish we had it on camera but basically she did an amazing job and in the end came out with him to inform our coach and the whole team that she had all his information and the cops would be here to take him in, the hotel would be pressing charges (the look on his face was priceless...i can't even type this without stopping to crack up!!!) & she finished by saying "on behalf of Comfort Inn, your coach and team mates YOU'VE BEEN PRANKED!!!" and everyone burst out into hystaria! It was probably one of the best pranks i've ever been a part of...you would be proud Uncle Mike!

Here is a picture of myself with Tiffany and Went

The day after...
Sunday was beautifully warm and the sun beat on us all day! It was quite refreshing after the past week and a half or so. The womens race was 55minutes + 3 laps (that mean we race for a time of 55minutes and then they hold up lap cards to count down from 3, letting us know when the sprint will be takin place). The course was a little boring but it was flat with just a slight false flat at spots, but no mountains equals good for kacey! I attacked a few times to start the race and after one of them Mo had a great counter attack and got away from the pack to eventually lap the field. After she had a good lead we sent off a few more attacks to wear the other girls down and I ended up off the front for a pretty good portion of the race while our other girls sat on the chase and just let them work themselves over. We raced very well as a team and in the end Mo gave me an amazing lead out but i was not using my head and i ended up focusing on a girl on the right and ignoring the left, only to get beat on my left at the line. It was a stupid mistake because i should have just used my go power to jump from behind Mo and kill the sprint but I was being too conservative and ended up working against myself and my team. But "that's bike racing"...i learned a lesson the hard way and got lucky i didn't do it in a more important race. We did well though taking 1st and 3rd and winning the conference overall as a team.

For anyone who is fustrated or confused by all this bike lingo, basically my racing is going very well, the team is doing amazing and we should be looking good and stong for Collegiate Nationals, which are coming up in just over a week!


Anonymous said...

love the prank!!! lol

Love ya Jess

kace said...

Love you more!