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Hello to all! Not much time this week...i know i still haven't written about last sundays race. Basically it was climbing, climbing and more climbing. And sense I'm such a good climber it was pretty much the easiest race ever!...ok, i'm bending the truth a little bit, but that really is true for my team mate Ally who just killed every hill and flew threw the course finishing 7+minutes up on our next rider Mo who also did an amazing job and 11+ minutes up on the next two who came in (that was Jo and I). We pretty much dropped and got rid of the other teams, but a few of them did stick it out to the finish and get placed. It is pretty rediculous to be saying this but the weather was pretty good considering they had been calling for temperatures in the 20's and snow all week. We woke up to a balmy, breezy morning probably in the 40's or so. Everything was wet but we started without rain and didn't get dumped on until the last lap when a spitting percipitation began to slap us in the face, soaked our clothes, and made our bodies chill as we decended creating more wind than was already present. The front was coming in and we were happy to be at the end of the race, immediatly heading home for a hot shower and warm tea!

Mother nature proceeded with her plans and brought in a cold front with temps dropping and white flakes coming in that afternoon through evening. Crazy high winds managed to shake our apartment and beat on our windows all night after taking our power away and leaving the house quite cold. So, Monday I basically shivered out of bed, put on a ton of layers, packed my school bag (school was canceled) and headed to Boone for a coffee shop/homework day! Ended up going for a quick swim with Ally and then a group of us got lunch at an amazing sandwich shop in Boone called Our Daily Bread!...highly recomended if you're ever in the area.

Ok, still no pictures...i'm sorry. I think my camera will still work, i just can't see the pictures on the cracked LCD screen. So, I will try to get some shots this weekend and then hopefully send it off for fixing next week!

Looks like I might be coming back to MI next Sunday or so for about a week before leaving for Kansas so I'm pretty excited about the idea of it!

I want to wish Ally and the rest of the triathlon crew GOOD LUCK this weekend in Alabama as they will be competing at Triathlone Collegiate Nationals!

back to the books....uggg!

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