California Crib

Well I'm going to try and give a quick update here before I get on with the day!

I'm now pretty settled into my December base home and things are going well. Training has been keeping me quite busy, but it has been very good! Roger (track director) has been kind enough to allow me to jump in their workouts! And Johnny (a friend of mine here) has been letting me use his bike locker space at the track, so I pretty much feel like a local! Those new silk tubular tires that were sliding in Manchester just needed to be broken in and they are working wonderfully now! Thank you Challenge! You know their alright for sure when you can do Madison on them! I DID MADISON PRACTICE/TRAINING FOR THE FIRST TIME LAST NIGHT IN OVER A YEAR AND I LOVED IT! I would have to admit my first few exchanges were less than beautiful as far as timing (meaning I dropped in way before I needed to), but it didn't take me long to get the hang of it back and by the end all the guys said they were pretty impressed and even Roger said I was looking good and rockin out the exchanges at high speed! Hopefully I'll get to do a bit more Madi today! Just one more day or intensity training and then tomorrow morning will just be cruising before it is time to pack up and hit the airport - Manchester bound! Just a quick short trip again, but this time Kristen King is coming with me so we will have two USA girls to try and do some damage! Wish us luck!

Alright on to a few other happenings, etc.

My cousin Dana has a house in Venice and John dropped me off here Sunday after John and Marica took me to Yoga...tons of fun with those two! Unfortunately, Dana will be out of the country the whole time I'm here but her boyfriend Chris is around and the cat Jackson! Chris has been gracious enough to let me use his car while I'm here, which made all this possible really. Dana's house is full of really cool stuff and she has a pretty sweet pool/hot tube set up out back...you are going to feel really bad for me when you see the pictures :)

Every morning I have this option:

After I get out of "my" beautiful bed...I totally have to get a canopy bed thing like this...it rocks!

and this is what "my" window looks to

This is a cool cabinet in the room

and a sweet mirror...

and yes, I am wearing a bathing suit! That's right I was about to head out to...

Hot tub!

and pool...

another view of layout

Also took a picture of the laundry station, because all athletes love this stuff! If you're in the market this set up is pretty sweet, digital display screen...yeah uh hu!

Oh and I almost forgot...look what I found! Any ideas?....I know you have some good ones MOM! Hehe!

Ok, more later...there are a lot of other cool things around here to picture but I'll have to do it another time. For now training followed by hot tub/pool and stretching sessions is really filling my time...but seriously!


Bilko said...

glad to see RogetY is keen on your madi skills. keep the "Nat" happy, and you'll be stylin in LA. Hey to jonnhy Walsh too.

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