California December '08

Just gonna stick to picture book format for this post.

lets start with this; sometimes you just need a new perspective!

Wednesday I had an easier day of riding so I went to the beach to just hang out for a bit. I have been riding by things rings and I just had to try it out, it looked like such fun. I've been in this area before and seen them as well but never had the opportunity to give it a run so...

I was having such fun, but starting to really feel my hands, they just couldn't hang with the rest of my body. I was going to do it "one last time" and this is what happened

so I glued it back together

After fun time I wondered around Santa Monica a bit

and I found this, which goes out to my Papa!!!

Thursday I went on a long ride up the PCH and found this Canyon. I had not been too interested in most as it is to be assumed that if you take a Canyon you will be doing some significant climbing one way or another! But the start of this one reminded me of my NC territory so I HAD TO!

lots of fish in the sea...or ocean

Friday was another long day and I was planning to hit the PCH again but I was earlier and traffic looked less than pleasant so I headed south bound on the bike path to venture off that way and see if I could find appropriate terrain for the days training. I found some decent road and a few views that weren't so bad either.

After my interval on the way home I got a treat...yeah I probably shouldn't have but it sure was good!

and I countered that with a good dinner

Saturday was a chill day and I even got to meet up with my friend Keyln who took me to dinner at this super cool Caribbean place! Thanks Kelyn! It was great to spend some time with him, catch up on life, and talk about super amazing adventures...he went to Madagascar alone when he was 19...oh yeah, for 2 months!

it's called the treehouse because it is literally built around a tree!

all smiles

Now I'm just rounding things off at my cousin Dana's place and Chris is going to drop me at the Hotel for track camp this evening. I'll be living at the hotel and training with the crew for the next week and then I fly back to MI on the 21st...but I get in so late it might as well be the 22nd. I'm really excited to go home for a bit and be with the family and freinds! I really miss everyone a lot!


Maia said...

were you at huntington beach? muscle beach? those places look so familiar- so does corral canyon- what city/area is that? again so cool!

kacey said...

It was all along shore near beaches of Rondondo, Venice, Manhattan. Corral Canyon was more in Malibu area....