After my last post not too much more took place at camp other than more riding and a dinner with some of the girls.

After the day 4 road ride day 5 was back on the track and we did some more efforts and pursuited against each other and followed that with a spin on the road along the canal. Day 6 us "trackies" got to put our drop bars back on!!!! Yahoo! and we did some bunch racing behind the motor...60lap scratch race, 80 lap points race, and 120 lap madison! I was feeling tired but I was able to go and even put in a few good efforts at the start of the Madison but that soon resulted in my wondering if I would be able to finish the last 20 laps...ouch. My legs were so dead and I still had one more day and more more hard effort left to do. Day 7 we hit the track early and did one last team pursuit effort before booking it for the hotel and airport.

After a few minor complications at the airport I finally landed in Detroit late Sunday night and couldn't have been happier to be HOME!

Overall camp was a great time. I enjoyed getting to know all the girls and had a lot of fun with everyone. Plus doing those workouts was a lot more fun with the other girls than to just do them on my own! Many times you have no option but to do it on your own so it was nice to have others there.

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