Quick update...

I'm at Track Camp at the good old ADT event center in Carson, CA and we are about to head out for day 5. Day 1-3 we hit the track pretty hard, then day 4 (yesterday) we had a "day off the track"....and that consisted of a 4hr road ride, 20-30minutes of which was spent chasing Kristen Armstrong and a handful of the best US road riders up a canyon with numerous sections of 17%+ grades...oh, yes totally my cup of tea, haha! At least the decent was fun.

So this is all I've got for pictures at the moment..

There were some pretty amazing views on the ride and of course up the canyon but lets just say it is all a blur in my head and if you are complaining that I didn't capture any of that, than I would suggest you try following those girls up a canyon some day and let me know how much extra time and energy you have to even catch your breath let alone get a camera out, turn it on and hold it steady enough to take a good picture while still moving your bike forward up a wall!...yeah, go ahead and get back to me on that.

Thank goodness we go back to the track today! Phewww!!!


Anonymous said...

Love how you captured the shadows of the riders behind you...wonder photography skills :-)
See you very soon

msfzx said...

Aaaahhhh. Just to be on the same ride with Armstrong. What a stud.