Christmas '08

Well, it was great to get back to MI and be with the family for a bit! That is once I got there...after feeling like I was about ready to have a massive breakdown in the airport...I was seriously ready to have a hissy fit and just lay on my stomach in the middle of the United ticket desks, flail my arms and legs, and scream at the top of my lungs (those of you who have even come close to hearing my loud mouth understand what an impact this may have had). Somehow I stayed fairly composed and remained kind to the people who did eventually get there act together and get me on a plane!

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked but I did get a few from the Christmas Day gathering with my mom's side of the family!

Someone promised me they would get me one for Christmas next year! I can't wait!!!

Awww...Quincy and me!

and this is the very cute little Gunner...what a doll!

Oh the love


That's more like it!

more love

The Manderfield's

If you know us, you will understand...

The production of getting a dog picture!...pretty funny...

We went to visit Grandma Great...our awesome great grandmother who we all love very much!

Off to the Sledding hill!...

Jess and Karlee...they wanted surf boards but this was the best they could do

my cousin Katie...super stud little athlete

Watch out!

Love you all very much and miss you already!


Anonymous said...

heyy you (=

haha "super stuf athlete" nice... well im am a super stud; and quite the athlete ;) hahah

im going down on the snowboard next christmas; hah deffinatlyyyy love (=

love, super stud athlete(katie)

kacey said...

haha...ok girl!