Even warmer sunshine!

As if the sunshine in Colorado was not good enough I have migrated even further West for most of December and will be enjoying the sun a little bit warmer yet!

With racing, traveling, & track camp, it just seemed logistically easier to stay here in CA for awhile and I'm lucky enough to know a few people here to help make that possible.

Between travel I got to get out on a ride with Colby and he took me to a pretty cool old mountain town and we also swung by Eldorado Canyon!

I caught dinner and a drink one night with Renee, Aldo and a friend of theirs

A BIG thanks and appreciation goes out to Miss Renee for all her support and providing me with a place to call home in Colorado! She is amazing!

I had some time to get out the machine and work on a few long awaited projects...hopefully more to come soon and much cooler creations if I have it my way

Thanksgiving quickly came around and Renee and Also hosted quite the feast. I would say we have to give Renee 99.9% credit for all the success. Aldo was the next contributor and I just made a few pie's.

My pies were good though!...I practically sat by the oven for 2.5hrs. I was so worried I would ruin them baking at altitude and such

And everyone had a good time

The last guests left at about 10:30PM and guess how much packing I had done for a flight the next day to be gone for a month...um...yeah, none! I needed to pack 2 full bikes, wheels, equipment, clothing, etc and make my room look semi-decent before I left the next morning at 9AM. I had gone for a long ride in the morning and then gotten ready for guests so I was pretty wiped, plus I was trying to be sure and get my sleep because I'm coming off of sickness. I packed the bikes up and went to bed, leaving the rest for morning. I thought I did a pretty good job of organizing life and packing one bag for the month within a matter of a few hours.

A big thanks goes out to Austin Carroll and his mom Michele for organizing to pick me up at the airport pretty last minute! Great people!

I'm spending my first few days in CA at the same host house I stayed at for elite road nationals, I have stayed in touch with the couple and they are just too much fun not to visit. They don't come home till tomorrow so I'm just chilling in their house of heaven and I get to hang with them tomorrow!

"my" room...for the next two nights...missing you Jackie!

Yes this house always looks this nice and picked up...funny what happens when you put stuff away I guess!

beautiful kitchen, and let me tell you the food that comes out of it is just as good!

and some awesome art work too

Upon arrival I relaxed for a bit and then got out for a quick spin before it got too dark

John and Marica will get me to Venice Sunday sometime and then I will base there for the remainder of my time here in CA. I go back to Manchester Dec. 3-7 and then track camp time Dec. 14-21 before heading home for Christmas and then back to CO for hopefully some solid training time!

I'll try to keep up to date on these posts!

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