First of all a thank you is in order to all of you for your amazing support and overwhelming believe in me! I can't tell you how much it means. I was stunned at the number of emails and notes I had from people upon my return to the states and I just simply don't know what to say other than thank you and I promise I will always do my best to give back and show others the gratitude you have all shown me!

Also a thank you is in order to the following sponsors/supporters for their help and generosity!

BLUE Competition Cycles, who have provided me with a bike for the year that has not failed to fit beautifully and ride well!

Cane Creek Wheels, who have been great to work with and even quickly repaired my broken spoke from nationals in time to get me off to Manchester.

Challenge USA, who set me up with some tires last minute. I look forward to possibly working with them in the future.

Also, should thank both Boulder Cycle Sport and Pro Peloton for their help getting me out of town with everything I needed.

And Colby Pearce, my coach, of course who does a good job of keeping me on track, which can't be an easy task ;)

I know I'm forgetting a lot of places and people but most likely if you are reading this you are owed a thank you as well so please except it graciously and know that I appreciate you!

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