Maybe I'm not an official Princess but I sure do feel like one sometimes...such as when Cullen sends me tons of amazing parts for a bike I'm working on! I love you Cullen!!!...not just because you take such good care of me but because your just awesome!

Aright so the story behind all this...I was going to sell my old Trek track bike when I got my new BLUE race bike this year, but then after I did the street crit in Brooklyn I really wanted to put together a street fixie bike for fun. Then I also realize the Trek was the bike I won my first two national titles on and I kinda wanted to hang onto it. So, I decided to turn the Trek into a city fixie. I want to strip the bike and custom paint it and then I'm going to do it out with sweet parts and amazing wheels and just be all smiles!!!

Here are some of the parts I have to put this thing together...

Cullen also shipped me these sweet old school cleats to show me what they used to have tacked to the bottom of their shoes to insert into toe clips!

And you may have noticed there are hubs and rims but no wheels built...ummm...don't worry I'm not planning to do that on my own. However, I have an awesome friend who just so happens to know how to lace twisted spoke wheels! Scott's mistake was telling me he could do it and volunteering to help me out, cause I'm going to take him up on it! Below is a picture of a wheel Scott built and a good example of something like what I will end up with...I'm pretty darn excited!

Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to get the paint stripped off of my bike and repainted how I want it and I will be ready to put it all together! I'm sure I will have pictures up when it is complete or more progress is made.

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