Like the new title bar?

Another reason cycling and the community that surrounds it rocks!...as those of you who come here often may have noted, I have a splendid new title bar picture. The picture is from the Liberty Classic Philly race and was taken by Leonard Basobas. What makes it so splendid...a bit of a story behind this...

I sent an email out to a listserve looking for some retro Wolverine Sports Club clothing and along with responses of people who are going to dig through old stuff I got an email from Leonard. He introduced himself as a new wolverine, requested that I might do an interview for the blog he puts together and also noted that he had a picture of me in his last post. Accordingly I respond that I would be happy to do an interview and I would check out his blog. Soon after I emailed back that I really enjoyed the blog and the picture was great! I had been hoping cycling news would post a picture of me with the little boy on the podium but they hadn't...lucky for me that was the picture Leonard had posted. When I emailed to thank him and tell him how excited I was he said he had more picture and he would send them my way...what a nice guy! But then he checked out my blog, liked it, and get this...he went out of his way and spent his time to create that new title bar you see, he sent it to me in the proper file and included directions on how to place it in! I know when you know what you are doing it might not take that long but still, it is such a nice gesture and something a lot of people just don't do anymore. So a big thanks goes out to Leonard for his kindness and let it serve as a reminder to the rest of us that the little things matter so much and those little things can make peoples day! Don't worry so much about spending all sorts of money or or having the latest and greatest to impress people with, just care about others and give what you can and I bet you'd be surprised by the response and the feeling of gratitude.

So what about those pictures I was talking about?...

The picture that was turned title bar

Hard earned money...

I still think it was easier than sitting at a desk all day!!!

He was a little nervous to give me a kiss...so I took care of that!

Leonard's caption reads: Kacey Manderfield (Verducci Breakaway) - The best U23 rider turned podium girl for the little gentleman who presented her trophy.

Check out Leonard's blog at: http://www.triplecrankset.com/2008/06/portraits-from-philadelphia.html

and I will be adding a link to Triple Crankset so you can get there easily anytime!

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Granny's 30 said...

thanks for the kind words Kace...you rock!