Professional Cyclist/Professional Surfer?

Wait, surfing in PA?...well, kinda...

Yesterday I was just chilling on the couch...like a good professional cyclist must learn to do, and it started to rain. It was a nice summer rain and quite enjoyable to listen to and watch, as I was done with my riding for the day and was unconcerned with getting my bike all wet and messy. To make this story a little more interesting and understandable please note that I live in a house with two Australians and two guys from Trinidad, next door in the same complex area there are two New Zealanders and another Australian and then some more Argentine's someplace as well. It is common place for random cyclist to be running in and out of the house all day, borrowing a pump, taking my george foremen, looking for so and so, speaking with an accent I have to work to understand, etc...

As I'm laying on the couch doing some things on the internet the Australian from next door, Doug, comes in and walks to the front storage room. The front storage room is just stuff from the landlord I guess, we really don't know, but we do know they have a surf/sail board out there and apparently Doug had been waiting for a good rain so he could try it out in the river behind our building! Of course I was stoked, I had already wanted to go dancing in the rain, but this surfing experiment would work too. I jumped off the couch and ran upstairs as I yelled to the Trini's to get ready and come outside. I put on my surfing gear...a.k.a. running shorts and sprots bra and headed outside. Oh, yeah and we figured the best way to do this "surfing" was to tie a line from the bridge and then we cold hang onto it and use the "current" to surf! Lucky for the boys, who were trying to make a rope out of cut up bike tubes and random pieces of small string, Kacey has a slackline! Grant it the "slackline" has yet to see it's true purpose this summer but it has now served as a clothes line and a surfing device, so it is totally worth having! And this is how it went...

Note: sorry for the poor picture quality, the lighting was not great, but you get the idea

Getting ready

Haseem was content with surfing in the grass...boring

One of the guys ties the line

Doug gives it a run

If you look closely you can see Doug pre crash

and in the water!

Out for a paddle

Then I get on and Haseem gets a picture of me falling

and rowing

I wanted to get in some quality arm work, but the river is only about a foot deep maybe so it was more like grab the bottom and pull...

We had to admit it wasn't quite as fun or exciting as we had hoped but it was fun and as Doug said "now it has been done".

Also, as of late, my friend from school Andrew Talansky stopped by for a night on his was to Fitchburg. We had a cookout with my friend Ben Tuesday night and I did Andrew's laundry along with mine, made him breakfast Wednesday morning and took him out on a nice ride before he had to pack back up and get to the races. The Time Trial at Fitchburg was yesterday and my little Andrew rocked it out and placed 5th in the Pro Race!!! Yeah Boy!!! Congratulations...what a stud! I'm sure he will love how I called him "my little Andrew"...haha! I'm pretty sure it was that breakfast I feed him on Wednesday that made him go so fast!...along with all the hard training and time he puts in of course!

Andrew packing up

And I'll leave you with a few pictures from the track races last Friday night

The bunch on the track

Jess and I in the 3km scratch, which Jess would essentially lead out and I would take the win!


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