So, I actually have a short research paper due today, which I haven't started yet, and in about an hour and half I need to go pick up an Australian rider, I'm riding with some friends at 3, I have a massage scheduled for 6, I need to pack up my room because my life will take to the road again in two days, etc. Basically I'm going to try and quickly explain these pictures and you will have to imagine the rest for yourself.

I've been by Chicago many time, but somehow never had the time to actually stop in and check out the city. So after Scott raced on Monday we decided Tuesday was the day for us to quickly explore some of Chicago...a very little bit of it we figure. After sleeping in we packed up from my friends house in WI and hit the road.


to the Jelly Belly factory!

on Jelly Belly Lane

this is it

and the retail section...you would think they would give you a good deal given that you traveled all the way to the factory, but forget that, it is still expensive...

at some point we spot this hot car

Driving into Chicago!

we parked, grabbed a bit to eat and headed toward Michigan Ave. On the way we saw...

Water Taxi

Stars & Stripes

Huge frog of Rainforest Cafe

Flair Lane

a cool bridge

and we reach Michigan Ave.

it is clear that the dominant Garmin store on the corner is a sign of how much I NEED to get a gps!...I didn't buy one there but I'm planning an online purchase in the very near future...seriously those things are so nice to have when your life is pretty much one huge, never ending road trip. More on this later...

After checking out Michigan Ave we headed for Navy Pier

passed the Chicago Tribune

walked along this canal

reached Navy Pier

wanted to go sailing

thought of Went when I saw the seadog!!! Love you Went, wish you could have been there

we got tickets to go on this sweet farriswheel

and got some good pictures from above

After the sun went down we chilled at the pier and then walked around a bit more

this sign was kinda funny

we found this water fountain

and this was from inside of it

hanging out by a canal we see

found some angels

and a moose...I climbed on it but Scott has those pictures

this one is for Carla!!!

Even though it was a short stop, Chicago was cool and it was a good time!

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