Past few weeks

Basically I want to do a full on write up and discription of the past few weeks because it may give some of you more of a look inside what this whole living as a cyclist thing is like...but for now...

Just writing in to let everyone know I'm still alive, I flew into California yesterday, I race here Thursday morning, then fly back to MI Friday morning...hopefully I will see some of you there!, and then I leave for Chicago again on the 14th or 15th, race crit nataionls and then fly back to PA and well that is as far as I know...sounds exciting huh!

Hope life is treating everyone well and eventually I'll get around to doing some more writing. I'm just about done with my summer school class and then I hope to do a bit more rambling from my mind thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Keep racing fast and living the dream. Traveling the 3 B lifestyle (bike, bag & body), hotel to hotel, street to street can get taxing but your making all us desk drivers envious and proud!