Crit Nationals

I headed toward Chicago a few days early to pick Jess up and spend a night there with her. Uncle Mike hooked it up for a hotel in the City and we spent Thursday afternoon and evening walking around Chicago before we crashed in our executive suite!

a sweet moon and the farris wheel I road last time I was in Chicago

another nice sunset

Then it was a short drive over to Downer's Grove for crit nationals. The racing went well...my energy and time to write a full on race report is lacking at the moment so a few pictures will have to do. I will say Theresa finished 2nd!...which we are happy about, although we of course would have rather taken 1st...can't take the drive to do better out of us athletes! I got a bit out of position in the last few laps and upon attempting to advance my spot I skidded sideways through a corner but was able to straighten myself out after throwing the back of my bike into some hay bails...although I stayed up it completely killed my momentum and I was only able to make my way back to a 24th place finish. So for now we've got the silver medal and we will be aiming for an upgrade next year!

LVG and myself early in the race

Theresa and Brook for the final sprint...if you look real hard you can see me coming up the left side of the photo trying to fight back a few more spots

Upon our return to Philly I spent a few nights at the team house before going back to pack up my Kutztown life.

We went to breakfast around the corner from the Philly house a super cool place called Honey's!

they had a breakfast called "Nutella & Strawberry stuffed French Toast"...that's all that needs to be said!

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