Where is the sun setting?

Ok, it is more like where will I be when the sun is setting! I've noticed I kind of have a lot of sunset pictures lately...and I've also noticed they are almost all taken from completely different locations. This stream of pictures and thought will take you from Kutztown to Altoona, to Banner Elk, to Charlotte, to California and everywhere in between...

So I end up out on a recovery ride with some of the girls around Kutztown and find out that Altoona is the coming weekend and the crit will have a good field and good prize money. I'm suppose to be meeting Scott to get to NC where I have racing the next weekend (our racing calenders have been similar), so I consult and make plans to get to Altoona.

Altonna's crit course is a pretty technical and cool one. I didn't do as well as I would have liked but I got 7th and it was alright. More exciting though were the people I went with, we had a good time! A very nice girl named Kate comes with her husband and "puppy" to pick up my new friend Davina and I!

This is me and Kate with her "puppy", Major...quite the appropriate name!

Major is huge and not even full grown

look at those cute little paws...awww

Kate, myself and Davina after the races before they leave me at this gas station to await my ride...this waiting at gas stations for rides thing became quite frequent...

So then I'm finally headed to NC, by way of Banner Elk for a few days and then to Charlotte for weekend of racing.

On the way to NC

Across the Mason Dixon Line

Scott had packed up his sweet old Honda SL100! So fun...I'm jealous. I'm on the market for a bike by the way...anyone have any great ideas? I looked at a pretty sweet Honda CB350 the other day...well at least it looked sweet in my computer! But seriously I'm looking, so keep an eye out and let me know!!!

What a wonderful place to enjoy a cup of coffee!

And I'm greatful for my time there although it seemed all to quickly time to move on.

Headed to Charlotte...I wait at another gas station to be picked up by the team.

Once with Gary I catch this sunset

and at a coffee shop before one of our race days we see this sign!!!

we tried really hard to find a little kid to use cause we wanted that puppy!!!

It was a fairly good weekend of racing in Charlotte area...learned a lot and had a good time with the team! I then got to catch up with one of my old collegiate team mates a bit. Thanks again to Sam and his whole family for letting me crash a night and getting me to the airport!...that was sooo nice!!!

And another day at the airport with destination California...

I spent the first few nights at Kevin and Joslyn's apartment. Somehow I didn't get any pictures with them :( Recently married and loving life it was great to see them even for a short time and catch up on life a bit! I love you guys!!! Hugs and kisses!

Oh. I almost forgot to share with you...I got a GPS! Yes, it was because I NEEDED it!

Some of California is beautiful, but it is awfully brown...I like my green! Here are a few pictures from the road.

So after I leave Kevin's house I end up heading to meet up with my friend Jackie at the host house she is at. This where the GPS comes in super handy! In any case there must have been an angel or many of them watching over me because I end up in an amazing host house with amazing people! I literally felt like a princess all week, no joke!

The first night I got there John and Marica took us out to this beautiful restaurant that has a view of the entire Orange County!

On the way up the hill

Jackie and I

The view

Amazing food...
appetizers anyone?

and dinners...

this cool fireplace upon exit

A HUGE thanks to John and Marica!!!

The took us to that amazing dinner but John continued the tradition through the whole week and served us incredible food! It was like a fairy tale.

Friday night before the road race the neighborhood had a BBQ for the riders!

this is our bikes taking over a section of garage

You know how I said living a fairy tale...well this was the meal place in front of me immediately after I had come down from my shower following the road race...

where are my magic shoes?...I must have some around here someplace...

As if everything John and Marica had done already wasn't enough, they invited us to a ballet our final night there...how cool. I should mention John was a professional golfer and Marica a professional Dancer!

So we get ready and head to the Ballet!

Myself and Jackie!

headed in


Marica and Jackie

After the show we head out to get desert

Cool name

We went to Habanas and they had these cool candles

Banana Desert...soo good

Check out this water fountain

and one last picture for the new friends!!!

Thanks again! You guys rock!

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Anonymous said...

You should tottaly get a dog like major and use it as a means of transportation when you're not on your bike :-)
Love you