Nature Valley, MN

Severe storm warnings + rain + strong rain + 6 corner crit course with lot of man whole covers + a field of over 140 = a hard race and lots of crashes.

I started in a bad position (long story), and worked my way up slowly, doing my best to be patient...a virtue I don't really have. In any case I made a break of about 6 or so and we were going pretty good, but got caught, and just about that time I blew up a bit and started fading. I held on to things but kept using energy to get a better position and then having a weak moment and falling back. So I race the majority of the race in a less than ideal position, which cost me a lot of energy. I avoided all the crashes, although I did get caught behind a few and have to chase to the group. I truly also feel like I had a bit of a mental lapse today for some reason, so I've got to get that one sorted out before tomorrow and the rest of the week.

All the other girls raced hard as well and we are looking forward to the rest of the week.

It was great to see Carla and some others I haven't seen for quite some time! Carla did very well coming in 25th!...way to go girl...you rock!

Well, I'm tired and going to bed and hopefully I will get my act together for tomorrow.


None of stage one's results will count toward GC...the officials nullified everything due to safety issues. So we will all start stage two with the same time and with a clean slate...interesting...

Kacey goe's BOOM!...pictures and details later...bed NOW!

Ok...going to be quick cause I need to get to a nap but yesterday (stage 2) was probably one of the best races I have ever raced as far as riding smart, although I took a bit too much wind at times, and I just really enjoyed the course for the most part although it was challenging.

Lets just say I was feeling great...well ok, actually suffering like a dog!...and sitting top 10 with one lap to go on the finishing circuit. I was fighting off cramps in my legs and doing everything I could to stay calm. As we came around the final corners no one was making any advancements, we were going far to fast for that. Unfortunately a girl in front of me slid out in the second to last corner, which was super fast and off camper a bit, and when I tried to adjust my line it just wasn't happening and I decked it to the pavement for a little butt surfing as well. To think I was so close and I had a shot at the young riders jersey and a super amazing finish in general hurt more than anything else. I fought so hard to keep that position and I suffered and mentally battled my way through, and I was feeling great and inspired coming into the end of that race...and then...but that is bike racing! I also want to mention that all my team mates, Kele, Jessie, and Andrea all road very well and were in great position during the race!

Pictures: if your a cyclist you will laugh at these and for the rest of you these are hardly battle wounds...

Got my arm a tiny bit

ripped right through the bottom of my bibs

not really too bad...

Good thing our radios are durable

My jersey will allow a bit more airflow now

Picture of our pack passing by a farm


AM - Time Trial
PM - Crit

Time Trial - not really sure how it went but we all raced and we will have to look into our times a bit later.

Everyone was pretty well this morning and feeling decent. My body was a bit tight but a good warm up took care of that!

Just got these sweet new BONT compression tights

I've got them on now and I'm about to take a nap! Prob. won't have time to write about the crit tonight, but wish us luck and I'll try to update soon.

Good News: Kele rocked the TT and it placed her in 26th GC!...she might even be further up because we think their may be an error in timing...but non the less a great ride for her.

Bad News: Jessie was taking the TT easy but ended up taking it a bit too conservatively and didn't make the time cut after Kristen Armstrong had an exceptional ride.

So, on to the crit...

Jess and Andrea before we start

Start...I got a good position in second row

coming into a corner...

the course was fun and fast and that is about all I have time to say for now...

the finish

I got 9th. Kele sat in and finished well and Andrea finished as well!


Off to the road race today (Saturday)...long course with a tough finishing circuit!

Was feeling pretty good and riding well until we hit the finishing circuit and I was tired enough from the long ride all day that I really struggled on the climb of the circuit. I fell back into one of the groups behind the lead girls and I was able to stay with that group for the first two of four climbs, but I was hanging off the back and eventually they road away from me and I finished the last two circuits on my own.


Warming up for crit

Jess being silly

I tried to convince Gary it would be best if I just staying there and took a nap...he could wake me up when it was over, but that didn't fly...

A challenging crit with a super steep climb in it. The race starts at the base of the climb and finishes as the top...I think that should be against the rules somehow! In any case the race is only 12 laps, but it is hard and a lot of girls don't finish. In order to complete the stage race you have to complete at least 3 laps without being pulled. I think I completed 5 or 6...I can't remember, in fact I didn't even know on race day, I was a little out of it and super tired, feeling sick, etc. It felt good to be done though and to know I was headed back to PA soon where I could settle in for a bit of time and let my body catch up.

My team mate Kele climbing

and myself

You can kinda tell this thing is just a little steep...

I got to see Eric and his family! This is us cheering people up the climb...obviously at this point I had been pulled from the race

And here it he team at dinner one night! Its a great crowd to hang out with...lots of laughing and fun times!


Anonymous said...

hang in there girl and I hope the scrapes and bruises are not bad
Love you

Kroske said...

Tough break on the last lap, you'll get them next time. Oh, and my grandmother called, she'd like her light-blue panties back...