Back to K'town...

I was happy to make it back to Kutztown after a rough day of travel with my allergies coming on full force and three flights to get back to Philly...I was ready to just disappear.

But life got better soon. I got settled back in at 'home' as I many times call if for the time being and I was finally getting some good rest and down time to recover from the 5 days and 6 races of Nature Valley.

My good friend Scott Jackson came to visit for a few days, did some riding, and watched a little track racing...still working on getting him out there...lol

A few days later I headed to NYC to see Miss Hannah Trimble and have Birthday dinner with her and her family! This girl is amazing! Love you Hannah!

Hannah and I

I got to see PJ from LMC as well

and I took Haseem and Jude (my room mates from Trinidad) with me

Other than that just been training, racing track and chilling out.

Track has been going well. The first Friday night race was a good opener for me and good to start getting my track legs back after Nature Valley. The second Friday night race went even better, I won one of the scratch races, got second in the points race and did pretty well in a few other too. My legs didn't actually feel great but I raced well for a few of the races.

And this last Friday was the first races with my new race wheels...oh how amazing they look and ride!

Check this hotness out...

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