Pre Philly

Following the first two races of the Triple Crown Series I had one day to get things together and head off to Philly where I would join the team at the team house until my return from Nature Valley.

So Friday I went on a beautiful recovery ride. It was beautiful for many reasons: I love the rolling country side around the Lehigh Valley area, there are so many cool old barns and farm houses (Daddy, I want one!), and also this particular morning a somewhat cold front had come in and I got to do my ride in 60degree weather rather than the 90+ degrees we had been having and we reached later that day.

It was an overcast morning as I mentioned

The roads are just nice to ride, from rolling over farm land...

to more wooded routes!

I found this pretty cool view...check out the sweet tree in the middle of the picture

and more close up on the tree...

me enjoying myself and my easy spin

just putting on that LMC kit reminded me of so many great times...I miss all you guys if you ever read this thing!

This is an example of the old stone buildings

And with all the farms and Amish people around there are a lot of places to buy fresh produce and eggs!...I'll be back to this place

Some golf course area

Oh...and I found my next housing option when I can no longer afford anything else...

I think they will make great roommates!

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