More on where I am...

I've got a lot to catch up on so I'm going to try and make some of this pretty quick!...we'll see how that goes...

This is the creek that runs behind the housing I'm in. If the weather in PA keeps up I have a feeling I'll be spending more time in the water than in my hammock at the waters side.

I snapped a quick shot of the inside of the coffee shop just below my room.

Over at the track I got a storage room for track bike, equipment, etc...it is super nice to have a place to store that. Plus it makes it really easy to cruise over on my road bike, do a track workout and ride back 'home' on my road bike...which means saving more $4.00 gallons of gas!

These are the barns with storage

I will walk you to my room


turn left and...

Hoping to get my new BLUE track bike built up upon my return from Nature Valley and get it all tuned in!

Back in Kutztown I found a pretty cool little food shop called Betty's

with some pretty cool purple doors!

I got together with my friend Jackie! Good to see her again.

and we might have visited the ice cream bar...ummm....

I also got a quick picture of the K'town Pub

found a health food store just downtown...

could be dangerous to my pocket book.

Then before heading off to Philly week races I joined some of the guys over at Bobby's awesome little school house for a bite to eat.

and he has this sweet cruiser

Of course laundry also needed to be done so I used my slackline and the doors in Fitzy's room (before he got in) as my drying service!

Alright, got that department up to speed.

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