Wow...life sure does fly when you have 23cr. hours of classes to finish up, training for collegiate nationals to attend to, trying to create any time for friends, and moving out of your apartment, oh and packing to leave for the 24+ hr. bus/car ride half way across the country to CO.

So, my apologies for not updating this thing but as you may guess life has been a bit hectic sense my last post. I spent most of my time writing research papers, riding my bike, procrastinating writing research papers, riding my bike, procrastinating writing research papers, starting to pack, riding my bike, oh crap I really need to write these papers/presentations, riding my bike, wow I have a lot of stuff...oh and I'm suppose to be moved out by tomorrow and leaving for CO in 2 days...opps!

Somewhere in there I did have some down time and time to spend with friends. One night we did a BBQ over at Kevin's casa...a beautiful treasure of a rental Andrew found on a river!

Heading to the deck area over the river

And what is everyone watching?

On our team when you lose a bet you might end up naked in a cold river!

In any case it was a great time with great people and great food!

Now, once I finally got all my stuff moved out of my apartment, turned in my last finals and attempted to find everything I wanted to take to Nationals in my cluster of items, it was time to hit the road!

A 24+hr bus/car ride might sound boring to some...and in many respects I would say that is true, but if you have to do it, might as well do it with style...

Oh yeah Dane strike a pose...

and another...

oh..oh...not done yet...

totally born to be a model!

You can lean a lot about a person with this kind of time on your hands...sometimes more than you may be interested in knowing...or seeing!

Although Dane's (the big kid posing above) sense of style is supurb. We did have some other fashion statements on the team...

These stockings, used as compression socks, to help our legs with travel were the style of the day(s) and it didn't draw any attention at all when we stopped for gas/food!

Me playing with the big boys!

I thought this view might never end...

We did finally arrive to our destination hotel in CO...it was starting to feel like we might never get there, and we headed out for a cruse to try and bring our legs back to us!

Nice overcast afternoon

As you may have figured out from the commendation and photos above, we have a pretty unique crowd to say the least...I mean I'm probably one of the tame ones, which might be hard for some of you to believe!

On that note, without failure one of my team members managed to wake up the entire hotel the first morning we were there by setting the fire alarm off in the breakfast room while attempting to make toast...and they wonder why toasters are against the dorm policies...umm...oh and he's a residence assistant...figure that out...

So here is the fire crew rolling in

and the lady at the hotel explaining the situation...

Once the fire alarm situation is under control we head out to preview and ride the road course, which we will race Saturday!

Headed out

A BIG thanks to the Scott Jackson for taking care of my bike, completely re-cabling and changing chain, and getting it all ready to roll! Although I must admit I re-wrapped the bar tape, which is clearly the hardest part that requires the most skill...haha...THANKS JACKSON...you're awesome!

the group

I came to the conclusion pretty much anyone could be a photographer with this kind of scenery

Kevin and I enjoying our ride! I'm going to miss you Kevin!!!

Preston, THANK YOU for taking care of my legs after that ride! For those of you who don't know Preston is pretty amazing and somehow understands my crazy high maintenenceness at races and he takes good care of me!

Ally & I! I'm going to be missing this crazy girl! Ally - You Rock...!

And I don't have pictures for everyone but a Thank You goes out to all the team mates here who are helping out and the coaches for taking such good care of us. I'll try to snag some pictures of all the little angels in action soon!

Schedule for weekend:

Friday AM - Team Time Trail
Saturday AM - Road Race
Sunday AM - Criterium Babe!

Wish us luck!!!


Went said...

oh my god i miss you! i would kill to be out there with you guys, but i will admit that i havent even been here in maple leaf land for 24 hours and i am in love with the country and the area that i am in!

i miss you guys so much and i love you all!!!

Cruise said...

Rock out!

andersonpj said...

your welcome for taking care of your legs. Hope he coffee mug is working good for you. I also left you a nice present on my newest post.