12 HOURS!...what?

Yes thats right folks. 12 hours of what you ask? 12 hours of sleep...no way! If you know me well then you know that I've probably never been in bed for 12 hours straight...well except for this Wednesday night! So if you're wondering why there has been no recent post it is because I have been busy...so busy that I exhausted myself to the point of having the ability to sleep for 12 hours straight. It felt pretty amazing and at the same time I was a bit sluggish, but apparently in need of the rest!

I have some new pictures loaded and I'll try to get on the updates soon. Probably going to be a bunch at once.

Quick run down: I head up to Grand Rapids MI this evening, spend a night with the team. We travel the rest of the way up north to Lelanau Saturday morning and prep for the Tour de Lelanau, which we race Sunday. Then I come back down state to my parents place for a few nights, load the car up and head to Pennsylvania Wednesday or Thursday for....well...yeah that is about all I know at this point!

Everybody SMILE...it will make you feel amazing!

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