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The time had come and my last Collegiate Nationals has now passed and is in the history book of my short life.

2008 Collegiate Road Nationals, Fort Collins, CO May 9-11:

As can be seen from the previous post "zoom...", we had some fun traveling to CO and got in a few rides upon arrival. From there...

The first race of the weekend was the team time trial held on Friday morning. This is us girls warming up for what turned out to be a 5th place performance.

The boys road extremely well and were holding first place for a period of time but a few screaming fast teams were able to surpass them and they came out with a respectable 3rd place! Great job boys!...you'll get 'em all next year!

Saturday rolled around and it was time for a challenging road race. The wind was a constant 20-30mph with gusts above that...which can understandably result in riders bikes attempting to sweep out from under them. Everything started out well for me, at least for the first few hundred yards. Then I threw my chain over the rear cassette and into the spokes of my wheel...great. I get off and try real had to yank the chain out but it is not cooperating and I'm trying to control myself so I don't break something in the process of fixing the problem. Not to dwell on details it take quite some time for the support to finally get everything working and I'm back on the bike. I should mention this all happened not far up the base of a steep climb that started the race. So the result of all this is that I was only about half way up the climb when the lead group, which stayed away, was getting over the top of the climb. I chased back quite a ways and gained a lot of places back, but given the wind and terrain of the course I would never see the lead group again. Apparently there is something I have done to upset the collegiate nationals road race gods because last year I flatted and didn't get a support wheel for over 5 minutes and then this year my chain gets jumpy...go figure...bike racing.

Now, although that was a bit of a downer, non of it really mattered when I came across the finish line to hear the news that my team mate Carla Swart had taken the WIN!!! Yahoo...and then I started balling...yes, the weekend would prove to be rather emotional for me. I was still somewhat in disbelief about this being my last collegiate nationals. Then once I finally get calmed down and cooled down, another one of my team mates, Andrew Talansky had to go and win the mens race!!!...and I start crying again...oh gosh. What an amazing day for the LMC cycling team!!!

My little superstars!!!

Carla totally made my day when she told me she thought of me during the finish. Kacey would say "be patient, be patient, ok I just can't be patient anymore!" or something along those lines! Carla started the season by winning a race just riding off the front...and proceeded to attempt to win more races that way. It took me many repetitions along with others to explain that would work, but only up to a certain level, then she would have to get smart and learn how to use wheels, conserve, and come from behind, which she learned to do! Such amazing talent and even more potential in that crazy African red head! I love you Carla. And to think I once had to tell her at a road race that she had actually put her gloves on upside down...yeah that's right upside down, like with the padding on the tops of her hands...haha...love it, absolutely love it!!! So keep an eye out for the name Carla Swart...I have a feeling you might be seeing a lot more of it pretty soon!

Between races we spent many lunchtimes at Jason's Deli, which happened to be across the street!

Kevin liked the kids meal...does that surprise anyone?

This is Joslyn, Kevin's wife to be and myself! This girl is amazing and I can't wait to go visit her and Kevin in California! Love you guys!!!

One of our nights out to eat at Macaroni Grill

My drawing on the table...

Carla, Ally and I

And Carla making funny faces!

The banquet was Saturday night after the road races and I had to document this...

Everyone's place being held by a half eaten cookie...looks like we started with desert and then got to excited about getting real food...um...

Sean and Dane being well behaved

Now, this is a bit of a joke from history. Last year at road nationals there was mention of and joking about Dane fake proposing to Ally, but they chickened out and it never happened. Low and behold it was brought up this year and oh my gosh...

A couple of crazies...

Sunday comes upon us and it is time for the crit! I'm feeling good and know this should be my race! Unfortunately a break of two girls gets away, which I arguably should not have let happen but it is bike racing and it happened and it was never brought back. So we were basically sprinting for 3rd, which I was of course not all too thrilled about, but I took my anger out on the pack and won the field sprint, with Carla right behind me! So we came out 3rd and 4th with Ally and Kristi finishing well also. With these placings and the points Carla and I had gained from point primes we had a good lead over the other schools as far as overall standing! I should mention that Julie, a rider from Michigan University won the crit. Although I'm a Michigan State fan and I would have rather not seen a break go unless I was in it, I was glad to see a rider out of MI, and someone I have raced with numerous times take the win.

Some people wear crazy outfits for the road race but the Crit is really the place to show your style and spirit!

I don't think their are words to describe...

Clearly, Jackson must have seen Dane or maybe even been chased by Dane because here he is attacking the pack and gaining some space

this seemed to be fairly common for the day. Scott A.K.A. "Action" Jackson was definitely holding up the name!

At the end of the day & weekend:

Andrew won the men's DI omnium!

Carla won the women's DI omnium!

And we WON as a team!!!

myslef and Preston!

Anderson's dad and my mom being weired...wearing the glasses us kids got

Brian and I. Thanks for everything!

Brian has put up with a lot from me and somehow he is still surviving!

So following our amazing victory we head out to a local bar/grill for some food...and maybe a few drinks. Well it was Mother's Day, so some of the boys found it appropriate to buy my mom and Eric's mom Irish Car Bombs and they dominated them!

This is Eric and I! I'm going to miss this kid!

And I bought "Dirty Girl Scouts" for Kevin and Preston (they are both getting married so that made it extra appropriate!), my fellow graduates and good friends....I Love you guys! Miss you already!

Ok I have more to add to all this but it will have to wait. I really need to pack and get on the road...the story of my life lately, I love it!

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