Summer Living

Welcome to Kutztown, PA!

more pictures of actual downtown Kutztown to come later...

As for my accommodations...

Note: Keep in mind this is before the major cleaning and actual organization of anything

Door to enter


Dinning room

TV/hang out room

Front room

On to the 2nd floor


One of the rooms

My room

yes, it is pink, it has lots of windows and I like it a lot! I have made a few changes already so maybe once I get my hammock hung in there I'll take another shot!

This is the sunniest room in the house

but you have to walk through another room to get to it

The bathroom

lucky for the boys living with me, I don't need to shave my legs, take 10minutes to wash my hair + another 10 for the rest of my shower, blow dry my hair perfectly with every product on earth, and apply enough makeup to make a mask every day...well actually maybe that is just lucky for me.

In any case on to more important things...like where is the coffee house? Oh wait that's right I think I could just have them throw one to my window every morning!

This sign is basically right below my window

don't worry I was all over it and had one of those Iced Mocha Lattes in my hands quickly!

So this is the outside of the shop...see the window above and to the right?...yep that is my window!

So, I'm moved in and have most of my room organized now. The kitchen is still a work in progress and not much more will get done until I get back from the CSC race this weekend. My roommates should be arriving soon. In fact I meet one of them today. One of the guys from AUS I know from last year and he will be here for the whole summer with me. Then there are another two guys, one from New Zealand and another from Germany who will be moving in on Monday. The New Zealander is Miles and he came over to check things out today, which worked out perfectly because I needed to go for an easy ride and I was able to tag along with him! Miles is pretty chill from what I can tell so far and it sounds like he knows how to give a massage, which he should not have told me, but too late now!...haha.

Miles and I after our ride...did I mention the roads and riding here are amazing

I've been super excited about life and summer since I got here and now that I'm pretty confident I'm going to be living with chill people, I'm even happier!

Well it is a bit past my bedtime so I'm going to say goodnight, but I'll try to keep updated. I leave tomorrow for Virginia, that is where the CSC race is, so wish the team and I luck!

Short term schedule:
1st - CSC, VA
3rd - Allentown, PA
6th - Reading, PA
8th - Liberty Classic, PA (I may or may not be racing)
11th-15th - Nature Valley, MN
Then some Track Time!!!


msfzx said...

Yeah, you'll mooch a massage off anyone, won't you! Miss you already! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a blast...miss you and you better get that hammock up so I can sleep in it when I come visit :-)
Love you

Katie said...

hehehe... past your best time... posted before 10...